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Coping with Extreme Weather Conditions

Posted 11 years ago

Coping with Extreme Weather ConditionsSir Ranulph Fiennes recently returned to the UK after an Antarctic expedition. He explains the effect of extremely cold weather and how one can cope with it. Surviving in an extremely cold place isn’t easy.

“I recently returned to the UK after developing a case of frostbite on my latest expedition in Antarctica, which we nicknamed The Coldest Journey“, said Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

What makes their coldest journey really unique is that it is their first time to cross Antarctica during polar winter. Therefore, it was not only cold but also entirely dark throughout the expedition, which was also likely to affect the mindset of his team. They played cards, backgammon, wrote blogs, and listened to music when the weather set in.

Careful preparation is very important, also when selecting the people for your expedition. The team shouldn’t only be physically strong. You should also test their mental status and character really carefully.

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