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Companies Receiving Recognition for Less Carbon Emissions

Posted 11 years ago

Canadian bank, TD Bank Group, made it to the list of 2013 Performance Leadership Index. This annual ranking list is made possible by London CDP in the hopes of evaluating how companies react to climate change and reduce their own carbon emissions.

The list, which was announced last September 13, listed TD Bank as the only Canadian bank that made it to the global index. Included in it are the strategies shared by the 500 companies on how their improved their own environmental strategies to counter climate change.

Being the very first North-American bank to go carbon neutral, TD Bank Group has now set its new goal of reducing carbon emissions. That is to be lessened by 1 ton per employee in 2015.

Continue reading on the statements of TD Bank Group officials and find out who else made it to the top 500 list – visit this link now.

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