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Basic Air Conditioning Techniques to Curb your Electric Bill

Posted 11 years ago

Basic Air Conditioning TechniquesIf your energy bill has skyrocketed beyond your control, you would probably find your air conditioning system as the culprit. You can blame it all on the warm weather but the truth is, you can actually do something to curtail your electric bill. Knowing the basic air conditioning usage tips will help you save not only money but also cut down on energy consumption.

Here are some valuable air conditioning tips that will surely help you reduce your energy bill:

1. So as not to force the air conditioner to keep the room or place cool, vents in your home should be always open. This will prevent your air conditioning unit from running after it has already reached the target temperature.

2. Intake filters should be changed regularly. This can be done without requiring the presence of a technician.

3. If you have a ceiling follower at home, you must spin it in a counter-clockwise direction so as to push the hot air outwards.

4. Rotate the fan in a clockwise direction if the weather turns cool. This will help trap the cool air inside.

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