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Air Conditioner Efficiency Standards

Posted 11 years ago

Air Conditioner Efficiency StandardsOver the years, as new models of air conditioners have been created by manufacturers, energy efficiency has increased and fossil fuel consumption has decreased. As older appliances are continuously being replaced by newer ones, the Earth also benefits from the energy consumption decline. A positive impact on energy efficiency standards will persist growing as well.

Currently, the debate concerning appliance efficiency standards has revolved around the proposal to weaken the standard for air conditioners from the SEER 13 standard set by the Clinton Administration to a SEER 12.
So what is the advantage of SEER 13 over SEER 12? A SEER 13 standard will also accomplish more in reducing fossil fuel consumption and limiting air pollution. The construction of 39 400-megawatt power plants will be avoided by adopting the SEER 13 standard, which will reduce smog forming nitrous oxides and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, a SEER 12 standard would only avoid the construction of 27 400-megawatts power plants, reducing a lesser amount of gas emissions responsible for global warming.
Want to learn more about these air conditioner standards? Visit Environmental and Energy Study Institute.
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