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AC Repair: Number One on the List of Woes

Posted 11 years ago

Air ConditionerA recent finding has concluded that AC repair has topped the list of common woes people ask technicians for solutions. Out of the 320 requests filed last week, there were at least 70 cases requesting for air condition repairs. Furthermore, included in the help list filed were refrigeration, mold, leaky pipes, and faulty faucet issues.

In line with this, the Burnham Hall is first on the list out of all the dorms that experienced most problems. Andrea Austin, a student residing in Burnham Hall, said, “My air conditioning went out like two or three days ago, and it’s been super hot. I woke up in the middle of the night and was drenched in sweat.  We had two fans but they didn’t help at all.”

After a plethora of requests flooded AC repair companies, students were asked to file for assistance the soonest they discover something wrong with their units and any other issues encountered within the dormitory.

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