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A Simple Approach to Fixing Heater Problems

Posted 10 years ago

Dealing with a broken heater is a challenge that most homeownersDealing with a broken heater is a challenge that most homeowners do not want to face head on. Hence, they call a professional technician to address the problem. But some of us just do not have the luxury of hiring a professional all the time, even for simple heater problems.

In addressing very simple heater issues, here are some things to remember:

– Begin the process at the heater’s source – the thermostat. Ascertain that the settings are adjusted appropriately. If possible, turn the current settings a few degrees higher to test if it really is working or not.

– Check the boiler’s power and make sure all the breakers are turned on and no fuse is not intact.

– If you think you cannot address the issue any longer, do not aggravate the problem. Call a licensed technician immediately.


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