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34 Tornado Reports Result From Severe Weather

Posted 11 years ago

34 Tornado Reports Result From Severe Weather34 Tornadoes have resulted from severe weather during Christmas day that tore across the South and which then resulted in the deaths of three people who happened to be in its path. Extreme weather was also expected to affect various parts of the East Coast.

Texas was the first area that was hit by the storm, and after that it pounded Louisiana, and proceeded to destroy homes located in Mississippi. Mobile, Alabama saw a wide funnel cloud running across the city while lightning was seen to be flashing inside it.

And according to the National Weather Service’s Severe Storms Prediction Center’s Bill Bunting, “”Conditions don’t look quite as volatile over a large area as we saw on Christmas day but there will be a risk of tornadoes, some of them could be rather strong, across eastern portions of North Carolina and the northeastern part of South Carolina.”

The Gulf region still has about 280,000 customers who are still lacking power and from Little Rock, Ark. Alone there were still about 100,000 without any power.

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