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Monthly Archives: December, 2013

Experts Advise the Public on Staying Warm and Safe During Winter

Winter-cold temperature will last until February of next yearWinter-cold temperature will last until February of next year, which further increases the need for every home to have heaters installed. Because of this, accidents involving fires and heaters have also risen.

In the hopes of lessening the casualties and disasters, the San Bernardino County Fire Department came up with the following tips:

  • Starting next year, make it a habit to change furnace filters to ensure the equipment is fully functional, running smoothly and safe.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is properly working.
  • Inspect heater vents and make sure there is nothing blocking heat passage.
  • Leave the more complex inspections and cleaning of your heating systems to the professionals.

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Tips to Keep Pets Warm in the Cold Weather

As a pet owner, we only want the best for our petsAs a pet owner, we only want the best for our pets. This winter, keeping them warm and comfortable at all times is one of our top priorities.

In order to prevent your pets from freezing to death, follow the tips written below:

  • Investing in good pet clothing is ideal. Aside from the fact that it adds to the overall look of your pets, it also is a great lifesaver in this very cold winter season. Remember, people are not the only ones who can feel cold and shivery – pets too.
  • After spending valuable time outdoors, be sure to wipe off its paws very carefully using a damp towel.
  • Avoid using antifreeze products whenever possible. This can be lethal to a pet when ingested.

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How to Stay Warm in the Cold and Freezing Weather

The cold weather can be detrimental to anyone’s healthThe cold weather can be detrimental to anyone’s health. Hence, it is important to dress warmly on any day this winter season.

If you are one of the people who hate dressing up because of the fear of discomfort, it is high time you face your fears. Here are some tips on dressing warm and feeling comfortable altogether:

  • Dress in layers but avoid wearing cotton in a cold weather. The base layer can be something that you can use during fall and spring.
  • Wear clothes that will match your activity for the day. If you are doing laborious activities like hiking, do not wear bulky clothes, as this will hinder your performance.
  • You can wear a hat to regulate the heat within your body. If you feel too hot, take it off; wear it, on the other hand, when it feels cold again.

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AC Maintenance, Savings in the Long Run

Making long-term savings on air conditioning system maintenance requires that you take on various minor expenses whenever necessary.

Contrary to what many people believe, neglecting a minor problem in order to avoid the expenses that come along with it can actually lead to worse system issues, consequently demanding a greater amount of cash. In order to protect your finances from crashing due to AC problems, make sure that you set aside a reasonable amount for maintenance and that you observe all preventive and safety measures.

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Do-it-yourself Furnace Maintenance

Do-it-yourself HVAC maintenance can prove to be extremely economical for every homeowner; on days when you’re feeling like cleaning the furnace or doing other basic tasks on your own or without professional help, see to it that you observe all safety measures to avoid various domestic accidents and hazards."Change Furnace Filters" posted on a corkboard

ESCO Services Inc. sums up all the things that a homeowner has to secure before getting on with a furnace maintenance task:
  • Switch the power off
  • Gear up
  • Master the task
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A Simple Approach to Fixing Heater Problems

Dealing with a broken heater is a challenge that most homeownersDealing with a broken heater is a challenge that most homeowners do not want to face head on. Hence, they call a professional technician to address the problem. But some of us just do not have the luxury of hiring a professional all the time, even for simple heater problems.

In addressing very simple heater issues, here are some things to remember:

– Begin the process at the heater’s source – the thermostat. Ascertain that the settings are adjusted appropriately. If possible, turn the current settings a few degrees higher to test if it really is working or not.

– Check the boiler’s power and make sure all the breakers are turned on and no fuse is not intact.

– If you think you cannot address the issue any longer, do not aggravate the problem. Call a licensed technician immediately.

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Basic HVAC Troubleshooting Trick

HVAC maintenance and repair services can be quite pricey at times and it may be impractical to callHVAC maintenance and repair services can be quite pricey at times and it may be impractical to call for your local technician every single time somethings goes wrong with your system. As a homeowner, you should make it your responsibility to develop basic maintenance and troubleshooting skills in order to deal with minor issues with your AC or furnace.
Next time you encounter an issue with your HVAC, try a system reboot before calling for expert assistance:
  1. Turn the thermostat down
  2. Turn the power off
  3. Count to 30
  4. Turn the power back on
  5. Turn the thermostat up
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Pets Winter Care Advice

Cat in WinterOur pets may be extra sensitive to the cold weather so it is just as important to make sure that they are warm and comfortable in their shelter as we are in ours.
Here are some tips on caring for our furry and feathery friends during winter:
  • Consider the breed and age of your pet; some may be able to cope with the cold weather better than others.
  • Provide them warm and comfortable shelters and beddings.
  • Give them sufficient and healthy meals but never overfeed.
  • Maintain their coat; regularly trim to deal with matted fur but avoid shaving their coat off.
  • Invest in clothing – they’re not only cute, they also provide more warmth.
  • Take short walks for exercise.
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The Key to Practical Layering

ShirtOne of our greatest defenses against the cold weather are our clothing. We may not be able to take our heating systems wherever we go but practical layering can definitely take us a long way by offering us sufficient warmth and protection.

Practical layering goes beyond picking up random pieces of clothing and wearing them on top of the other. You have to make sure that each layer serves a unique purpose which also supports your overall goal – to stay warm and protected while looking fashionable at the same time.
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Occurrence on Indian Ocean Used to Predict Extreme Weather Events

The event that transpired in the Indian Ocean was believed as a great help in predicting extreme weather events in the next six months.

The phenomenon is called the Indian Ocean Dipole and is described as the difference in sea surface temperatures in the east and west parts of the ocean. This has been occurring since but it was only recently that it was at its most influential. An occurrence that surprised experts, nonetheless.

It was believed and reported that the happening in the Indian Ocean, although least understood to this point, is affecting Australia’s climate. A group of international scientists spearheaded by Dr. Wenju Cai has confirmed the event. They are also positive that understanding the relationship between extreme weather events and the Indian Ocean will help farmers, citizens, and the government for future incidents.

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