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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

Winter Home Modification Tips

a house covered in snow during winterWith the sunny summer days gone, many families will shift their family routines from outdoor activities to staying cuddled up in their homes, drinking hot cocoa while having family movie marathons.

Because they’ll be spending most of their time in the house, your family’s indoor comfort should be your top priority.

Here are some home modification tips that you can apply to make your home warmer and comfortable:
  • Maintain your heating systems to ensure that they’re properly working and are at maximum capacity;
  • Hot water pipes insulation; and
  • Allow sunshine in during the day by opening windows or drawing the curtains.
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Companies Receiving Recognition for Less Carbon Emissions

Canadian bank, TD Bank Group, made it to the list of 2013 Performance Leadership Index. This annual ranking list is made possible by London CDP in the hopes of evaluating how companies react to climate change and reduce their own carbon emissions.

The list, which was announced last September 13, listed TD Bank as the only Canadian bank that made it to the global index. Included in it are the strategies shared by the 500 companies on how their improved their own environmental strategies to counter climate change.

Being the very first North-American bank to go carbon neutral, TD Bank Group has now set its new goal of reducing carbon emissions. That is to be lessened by 1 ton per employee in 2015.

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Marine Life Slowed Down Due to Climate Change

coralsClimate change has been showing adverse effects to mankind, plants, and animals. Scientists revealed that marine life is expected to decrease because of climate change.

The warmer oceans are pushing fishes away from their common breeding grounds. People who depend on fish as a staple food and source of income are now endangered of having less fishes to catch and eat daily. Regarding where the fishes will relocate is still a mystery for the experts. However, predictions have been given based on different studies on how animals move.

Researchers from Princeton University explained that in order to find out where marine life is to relocate next, following temperature changes is essential. Sea creatures, for example, consistently keep up with climate velocity or where the ocean temperature moves. In line with this, there are 43 years of compiled data pertaining to marine life movement of 360 species in Northern America.

An ecology and evolutionary biology research, Malin Pinsky, said that following temperature changes will make it easier for other scientists to predict where marine species will move to.

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How to Stay Safe and Cool for the Remaining Summer Days

Flowers and SunHeat waves are the number one cause of weather-related illnesses such as heat-stress and heat stroke which is why it is very important that everyone observe proper measures in ensuring that they are safe while outdoors under the sun.

CareMore physicians offer some tips on how you can stay cool, safe and healthy this summer:

– opt for air-conditioned places for your summer activities;
– avoid fitted and thick clothing;
– maintain regular fluid intake; and
– save strenuous work/activities for the cooler periods of the day.

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Why Get Your Heating System Ready Early On?

Some homeowners wait until their homes are freezing cold before they decide to pump up the heaters and get them ready to warm the house. But this practice may turn out to be quite disadvantageous.

“Unpacking” your heating system early on, before winter sets in, can save you from hassles such as surprise repair/replacement needs when the cold weather strikes. It is also important that your unit gets its regular checkup and is cleaned before using it for winter.

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Major Companies Worldwide Not Doing Enough Against Climate Change

A report released by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and PwC announced that fiftyA report released by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and PwC announced that fifty of the world’s leading companies aren’t doing enough to win over climate change. Additionally, out of the 500 major global corporations, the top ten percent actually increased their carbon dioxide emissions by 1.65% since 2009. This statistics equates to the fifty conglomerates being responsible for at least 60% of today’s greenhouse gas emissions.

This report was done on behalf of 700 investors wanting to know how to use $87 trillion worth of capital to help curb carbon emissions. Ironically, these investors are more interested in making people think that they’re doing more good than what they actually are.

For example, most of these companies fail to explain about their indirect operations which include use of products by clients, electricity, transportation, and garbage disposal. All of these operations can actually account for almost half of the companies’ total gas emissions.

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Keep Your Kids Safe and Comfy This Summer

Parents' prime concern this summer should be their children'sParents’ prime concern this summer should be their children’s safety and comfort. Especially now that vacation is over, children tend to be outdoors most of the time. Whether they’re under your care or are away and have to take care of themselves, kids have to observe proper measures to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun.

This article shares some of the most important reminders when it comes to ensuring that your children are safe and sound, whether they’re just playing outside or are spending their day at school.
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Summer’s Last Hurrah

Looks like summer is having its last hurrah as it heats up Toronto a couple of days before its demise. Toronto Public Health advises its citizens through social media to stay safe and cool and out of the heat. Meanwhile, netizens are also posting tweets of their disappointment regarding the volatility of the weather.

The temperatures are expected to come down but, with the current humidity levels, they may still seem significantly warmer that they should.
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Health Care Tips for the Summer

The heat these days can be unbearable. That’s why it’s important to take measures to help your body cope with rising temperatures. In line with that, you can make changes in what you eat.

One of the best health care tips for this summer is to include a number of berries into your diet, whether it is raw berries, sliced strawberries, black berries, or blue berries.

Berries help soothe the body, helping it remain cool especially during the hot summer months. In line with this, you must also increase your water intake and drink fresh fruit juices and pulp to rejuvenate the body and avoid dehydration.

Another tip for this summer is to protect your eyes as they are susceptible to light so put your sunglasses on if you want to go outside. Don’t forget to put on sunscreens before you spend time outdoors to protect your skin as well.

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Several Tips to Stay Warm under Freezing Temperatures

Today’s temperatures are becoming colder or hotter than normal because of extreme weather events. Experts believe this trend will continue because of climate change. Below are some tips to keep you warm during extremely cold weather.

– As much as possible, dress in layers or clothes that keep your warm even if you’re just going out for a short time. You don’t know what will happen next; you may end up exposed to cold for a longer time than you expected.

– Set the house’s temperature according to the household’s health and activity level. Remember that what may be right for you may not always be right for an elderly or sickly person.

– Even when you’re inside the house, don’t forget to dress warmly.

– Never drink alcoholic beverages when the weather’s cold. It only increases your chances of feeling cold because it lowers the body’s heat-retaining ability.

– Don’t wear damp clothing because it will make you prone to getting hypothermia or unusually low body temperature.

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