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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

How to Maximize Your AC’s Performance

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Units to Ensure MaximizationSince we spend so much time indoors, be it at the office, restaurant, or home, it’s no surprise that our air conditioners are highly used to make our stay comfortable. Since this system is very important to out daily lives, it’s a good idea to maximize their performance in order for it to continue and improve it’s efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Keep your air filter clean. Make sure you check your air filter about once a month during the cooling season.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. This unit allows you to create a customized schedule that works in accordance with your work schedule and cooling habits.
  • Upgrade. If your current AC is old or needs frequent repairs, then you should probably consider upgrading to a new model. This ensures lower electricity bills and secures your future home comfort.
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Guidelines to Keep Kids Safe When Playing in Hot Weather

Guidelines to Keep Kids Safe When Playing in Hot WeatherRegardless of how much your kids love summer and playing for numerous hours while basking under the warmth of the sun, it is important to keep them safe for when the heat reaches the extremes. They may be prone to serious temperature induced conditions like dehydration and heat stroke.

To prevent these conditions, parents must abide these guidelines:
  • Don’t let kids stay out too long.
  • Limit exposure between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun is at it’s peak.
  • Have your kids drink plenty of water.
  • Protect skin with a sunblock of SPF15 or higher, and reapply often.
  • Dress children in light-colored cotton clothing that is loose fitting.

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Keeping Your AC Units in Tip-Top Shape

“Homeowners should consider an annual air conditioning tune-up in the spring to prevent a breakdown during the hot summer months,” says Tom Rusin, CEO of HomeServe USA. “AC units that are not properly maintained run less efficiently, and you don’t want to find yourself facing an air conditioning problem when the temperature outside is unbearably hot.”

To help keep your AC system in good working condition, here are a few tips.

·         Replace your filters before the summer season begins. Replace it every 1-2 months.

·         Make sure the thermostat batteries are working and the settings are properly adjusted.

·         Clear any debris around the AC unit to increase its efficiency.

You can find more professional tips online or by visiting this website.

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Stanford Team Develop New Solar Structure Type

Stanford Team Develop New Solar Structure TypeA Stanford team has developed a new type of cooling panel that still works effectively even when the sun is shining. The new solar panel could greatly improve the daylight cooling of buildings, cars, and other structures by radiating sunlight. The paper describing the new device was published in Nano Letters on March 5.

Shanhui Fan, a professor of electrical engineering and the paper’s senior author said, “People usually see space as a source of heat from the sun, but away from the sun outer space is really a cold, cold place”. “We’ve developed a new type of structure that reflects the vast majority of sunlight, while at the same time it sends heat into that coldness, which cools man-made structures even in the daytime.”

The new structure achieves two goals. First, it is an effective broadband mirror for solar light which reflects most of the sunlight. Secondly, it gives off thermal radiation effectively within the essential wavelength range which is needed to escape from the atmosphere of the Earth.

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Coping with Extreme Weather Conditions

Coping with Extreme Weather ConditionsSir Ranulph Fiennes recently returned to the UK after an Antarctic expedition. He explains the effect of extremely cold weather and how one can cope with it. Surviving in an extremely cold place isn’t easy.

“I recently returned to the UK after developing a case of frostbite on my latest expedition in Antarctica, which we nicknamed The Coldest Journey“, said Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

What makes their coldest journey really unique is that it is their first time to cross Antarctica during polar winter. Therefore, it was not only cold but also entirely dark throughout the expedition, which was also likely to affect the mindset of his team. They played cards, backgammon, wrote blogs, and listened to music when the weather set in.

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Unit Buy-Back Project, Organized by an AC Repair Company

An AC repair company in Mesa, Arizona has organized a unit buy-back project for all its consumers. It’s an exciting program that allows buyers to upgrade from their old air conditioning system to a new one. Additionally, trade an old unit for a new one and discounts are given to the client.

Air Care Cooling & Heating is also giving away up to $3,000 in money back guarantees on every transaction. All it needs to qualify is trade an AC unit under 5 years old; wherein the units need not be purchased from the company to qualify.

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Getting the Most of Your Air Conditioning Unit Through Preventive Maintenance

In order to ensure that your AC unit is running efficiently, you may probably need a bit of maintenance. According to people at Interstate, performing routine maintenance on your system at least twice a year will definitely help you save on your energy bills.

“A dirty coil reduces the system’s ability to cool your home and causes the system to run longer, increasing your energy costs and shortening the life of your equipment,” said the company in a statement. “A dirty coil can raise your bill by 30 percent.”

Furthermore, it was also pointed out that lack of proper lubricant is one of the reasons why bills could skyrocket by at least 5 percent. Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit can also keep up to 95 percent of its original efficiency.

For more helpful tips, visit randolphguide.com.

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What Should be Your Approach for Broken Water Heaters?

What Should be Your Approach for Broken Water HeatersUpon turning the faucet on, warm water easily comes out and most of the time, that’s just that. We could care less about properly taking care of the fixture. Water heaters are essential to us. In fact, they make lives easier. However, heaters probably don’t get too much attention except when they break on us when we need them the most.

Here is some great advice on dealing with water heater repair: “Cut off the power to your water heater before you do anything. If your water heater runs on electricity just go to the circuit breaker and cut the power to your appliance. If you have a gas water heater, find the gas valve supplying the device and close it off.”

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More Than Half of America Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change

Extreme Weather to Climate ChangeAfter billions worth of damages and immeasurable effects on the lives of East Coast residents as the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Americans are starting to connect the dots and see a relation between global warming and the extreme weather conditions experienced by the U.S. and the rest of the world.
“People are beginning to recognize a pattern of extreme weather across the country and are themselves saying ‘Aha, I wonder if climate change has something to do with that,'” Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, which released the report today, told NBC News.
About half of American citizens strongly believe there is a link between climate change and extreme weather conditions. 50 percent blame climate change to the record heat levels of last year and 49 percent to the continuing drought in the Midwest and Great Plains. Moreover, a large percentage also connect these extreme changes to Superstorms Sandy and Nemo.
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Economizing Tips for Keeping Cool and Saving Money This Summer

Saving Money This SummerThe owner of  Grace Aire LLC Heating & CoolingBenjamin Carbonell, give some tips for keeping cool and saving money this summer. In addition, the company also offers maintenance, repair, replacement and installation on any make and model of equipment to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running properly.

Here are some valuable tips for your heating and air conditioning systems that will help you save money this summer.

  • For every one-degree warmer, consumers can actually save 3% on cooling costs. You can save up to 15% by raising the thermostat from 73 to 78.
  • Blinds can reduce heat from direct sunlight by as much as 40-50% so make sure you install light colored window shades.
  • Keep your windows closed during the day. When its cooler at night, you can open windows for fresh air.
  • Schedule an annual maintenance check. Regular tune-ups on your equipment will ensure that your air conditioning unit is working at the best efficiency level.
  • Make sure you have the right size unit for your space. An air conditioning system that is too large will consume more energy.
  • Try to delay cooking or dish washing until the evening for these activities generate a lot of heat.

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