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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

How to Tell If Your Heater Core is Intact

How to Tell If Your Heater Core is IntactThe heater core is essential to your heater’s function of producing warmth. It works to allow antifreeze to go through the heating unit. Without it functioning properly, the heater won’t be able to give adequate warmth.

To check if the heater core is intact, follow these steps:
  1. Check for signs of antifreeze leaking., if you do this means it isn’t passing through the core.
  2. Look for abnormalities at the vent or defroster ducts. (eg. puffs of smoke, fog on windshield)
  3.  Inspect the radiator and thermostat. If it works but there is no heat then the damage is likely to be at the core
  4. Open the hood while the car is warming up. If one hose is cold while the other is warm, the heater core is likely shot
  5. Flush and refill the cooling system. When it still doesn’t work that means the core needs replacing.

Source: How to Tell If Your Heater Core is Going Bad by Chris Moore of eHow

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How to Sell Your AC

How to Sell Your ACThe following are tips on how to sell your air conditioner based on the instructions on www.eHow.com:

  • Accumulate air conditioners at a cheap price. – Go to yard sales and stores going out of business where you can buy ACs for a bargain and resell them for a profit. You can also purchase at air conditioner stores on seasons when they aren’t needed, chances are units will be up on sale.
  • Wait for the dog days of summer to arrive. – Most people won’t buy AC’s on cooler months or when they aren’t needed so make sure to put them back on the market when customers are itching for some cool comfort in their homes.
  • Check out your competitors. – Call big time companies and check what they have up on sale. When they run out of stock, that would be the perfect time to pounce.
  • Advertise your air conditioners. – It’s impractical to lug around this heavy appliance to show to perspective customers, instead take pictures to print on flyers or post on the internet and sit back and wait for people to contact you.
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Questions Before Buying an AC

Questions Before Buying an ACWhen buying an air conditioner, you don’t just buy the cheapest one you can find. A air conditioner is an important amenity in the home and must be thought of as an investment. So when in the process of buying one, it important to really do you research, ask around and inspect the unit.

Here are few questions you must consider when shopping for a AC:
  1. When is the Right Time to Buy an Air Conditioning Unit?
  2. What Kind of Air Conditioning Unit do I Need?
  3. What are the  External Factors That Should be Considered?
  4. How Much Electricity Will it Need?
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Questions to Consider When Buying an AC

Questions to Consider When Buying an ACAn air conditioner is a an appliance you need if you live in a hot area or if your corner of the world experiences extremes in temperature. It’s good to have one in your home when the heat outside is just intolerable. However, it’s important to know that not just any unit will do. There are a number of things to consider when heading out to buy an AC.

Here are some questions to guide you when shopping for an air conditioner:
  1. What type of air conditioner do I need?
  2. What features do I need?
  3. What cooling capacity do I need?
  4. How much will it cost to run?
  5. Which AC should I buy?
These are just some of the questions for consideration. Visit www.epinions.com for the full list.
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Hyderabad, India: Contaminated Water Kills 108 Lives

 Hyderabad, India: Contaminated Water Kills 108 LivesHyderabad, India has contaminated water which has claimed 108 lives kills in a year. The city is not immune to the trend, and cases of diarrhea and gastroenteritis seem to be quite high. City hospitals have registered about 1,200 cases of acute diarrheal diseases this year.

According to Gastroenterologist at Global Hospitals named Dr Kiran Peddi, “It is mostly diarrhea or vomiting, or sometimes a combination of both, resulting in gastroenteritis. There are jaundice and typhoid cases as well.”

Every month, the Institute of Preven-tive Medicine collects water samples to be tested for bacteria that causes gastroenteritis. And the result was found to be bacteriological or have residual chlorine. Places like Madhapur and Ashok Nagar were contaminated and had presence of E. coli.

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Prince of Wales Helps Farmers Affected by Extreme Weather

Prince of Wales Helps Farmers Affected by Extreme WeatherExtreme wet weather has affected farmers living in the South West, and it is a good thing that they would now be able to receive emergency financial help from no less than the Prince of Wales himself.

It has been announced by the Prince’s Countryside Fund that it would be donating around 150,000 Pounds from its emergency fund to aid farmers who are having a difficult time getting through the winter months because of the extreme wet weather.

A confirmation has been made by the Duke of Westminster that he would personally match the amount of the funding and that means that the initial amount would be doubled because of it.

According to the Prince of Wales, “I have been growing increasingly concerned about the many difficulties which farmers from all sectors are facing – and are likely to face – this winter and so I thought it was important for us to come together, hear what we each have to report and then I want to see what I can do to help through my Prince’s Countryside Fund.”

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Eastern US to Experience Rise in Extreme Weather Cases

Eastern US to Experience Rise in Extreme Weather CasesThe weather forecast for the Eastern part of the United States is not looking good, especially since it involves extreme weather. Indeed, that is what’s included in the forecast that shows an increase in the occurrence of storms and heat waves. This was according to a study that was conducted with the use of the fastest supercomputer in the world.

It was stated by researchers from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville that the heat waves should be expected to worsen in the eastern part of the US, and that includes both the Northeast and Southeast, as it would be seeing a dramatic rise in precipitation.

With the use of the fastest supercomputer in the world – Jaguar and now Titan – researchers were able to combine land use information, high resolution topography, as well as climate modeling. Dynamical downscaling was then utilized to develop the climate model results for areas that are as small as four square kilometers.

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34 Tornado Reports Result From Severe Weather

34 Tornado Reports Result From Severe Weather34 Tornadoes have resulted from severe weather during Christmas day that tore across the South and which then resulted in the deaths of three people who happened to be in its path. Extreme weather was also expected to affect various parts of the East Coast.

Texas was the first area that was hit by the storm, and after that it pounded Louisiana, and proceeded to destroy homes located in Mississippi. Mobile, Alabama saw a wide funnel cloud running across the city while lightning was seen to be flashing inside it.

And according to the National Weather Service’s Severe Storms Prediction Center’s Bill Bunting, “”Conditions don’t look quite as volatile over a large area as we saw on Christmas day but there will be a risk of tornadoes, some of them could be rather strong, across eastern portions of North Carolina and the northeastern part of South Carolina.”

The Gulf region still has about 280,000 customers who are still lacking power and from Little Rock, Ark. Alone there were still about 100,000 without any power.

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Australian BHP Billiton: Climate Change is Real

Australian BHP Billiton: Climate Change is RealThe world’s largest mining company, Australian BHP Billiton, admits that climate change is real and fossil fuels and its extreme weather is the cause.

Explaining the company’s decision to retrofit one if its coal-exporting facilities against significant weather events, BHP Billiton executive Marcus Randolph was quoted as saying, “As we see more cyclone-related events … the vulnerability of one of these facilities to a cyclone is quite high. So we built a model saying this is how we see this impacting what the economics would be and used that with our board of directors to rebuild the facility to be more durable to climate change.”

It’s time they finally faced reality and started working to reverse climate change.

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