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Still No AC, But Power Back On for Miami High-Rise Residents

Posted 11 years ago

While doing an emergency repair to an air-conditioning unit at the 11th floor, a worker accidentally broke a water pipe which led to the blowout of an electrical transformer of the The Venetia Condominiums building.

“It’s just really hot, no air conditioner, no water, so I have to go to someone else’s house to take a shower – which is a disaster or get like jugs of water so I can brush teeth.” said of one of the residents.

Residents said that temperatures inside their homes had risen into the upper 80’s, so the way that they describe it, spending a night here in the building was like living in hell.

Power and Water were back after a couple of days but the problem now is that the AC is still not working, and there were no updates on when it’s going to be fixed.

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