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Sharing Extreme Weather Concerns and Experiences

Posted 11 years ago

Extreme weather is something that we should all be concerned about today. That’s the idea behind the forum that was held at the Wild Center over in Tupper Lake. Officials and planners came together with members of the community to discuss the effects of extreme weather conditions.

Their concern is that the changing weather patterns are bound to only become more severe in the future. In case things become worse, everyone should be properly prepared.

Here is a part of an article that appeared on the Press-Republican, “Local government officials, community planners and others who work closely with municipal and county governments in the Adirondack region discussed their experiences and official predictions of extreme weather events caused by climate change, which are expected to be more severe in the future.

“Irene cost $16 billion; Jay alone is $3 million in debt from that storm,” Jay Town Supervisor Randy Douglas told those at the gathering. “It was the seventh-most costly disaster in U.S. history, and seventh out of the 10 worst disasters since 2000.

“Towns cannot afford repairs alone for these events.”

Many attendees observed that local weather patterns are changing, and that as those responsible for community welfare, they plan to consider some new ways of doing business that require internal and external input in preparing for weather emergencies.”

You can check out the full article here.

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