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Leak Detection Solutions Provided by Toshiba

Posted 11 years ago

Toshiba Carrier UK Limited stated that it has developed a new approach to detecting leaks in an air conditioning system. It said that it is the only refrigerant leak detection system that offers full automatic pump down, to deliver the ultimate fail-safe condition in the event of a leak.

It could also monitor sudden major loss of charge,  and low level leaks that might otherwise be missed, but could have a significant impact on charge levels and performance over time.

“Our systems are designed from the ground up to minimize and, wherever possible, eliminate the potential for refrigerant loss.The quality of our products and manufacturing processes are second to none, and if installation is carried out correctly there is no reason to expect leakage during normal operation.” said David Dunn Toshiba Air Conditioning’s UK commercial director.

More info here.

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