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Improper AC Maintenance Can Lead to Home Fires

Posted 12 years ago

Improper AC Maintenance Can Lead to Home FiresGeneral Department of Forensic Science and Criminology fire investigation officers in Dubai affirmed that one of the main causes of house fires is improper maintenance of air conditioning systems.

According to Mohammad Ahmad Abu Itta, an expert, “the main reason for AC fires is that there are unsafe manual connections between the AC unit and the main power source feeding the AC.”

He also cited an example of a fire being caused by the malfunction of the AC unit, “The cables from the house‚Äôs electric source is made of copper and the extension from outside the house to the AC is made of aluminium.

Abu Itta recommends having proper maintenance of the AC and advised turning it off while the room is empty.

More words from the AC expert after the jump.

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