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Extreme Weather Hits US Hard

Posted 11 years ago

A great majority of Americans are convinced that the global warming and climate change is having a very serious impact on the United States. They were convinced even more by the record heat during the past summer.  The number of Americans convinced by this fact has risen by 5% from the time of the last survey.

Even if Americans are not aware of the problems caused by climate change, its effects cannot be denied. This year it has wreaked havoc in agricultural areas because of very high heat.

Here is part of an article by Deborah Zabarenko for, “Extreme weather is clearly having a serious impact on millions of Americans, though the impacts are different in different parts of the country,” survey co-investigator Edward Maibach of George Mason University said in a statement.

The survey found most Midwesterners – 71 percent, up 21 points since March – said extreme weather caused more harm to crops over the past few decades. Eighty-three percent said they personally experienced an extreme heat wave, while 81 percent said they had experienced drought in the past year. That was an increase of 55 percentage points from March.

A smaller majority of Southerners – 56 percent – said the weather in their localities has been getting worse over the past few years. Only 40 percent of those in the Northeast said drought has become more common. In the West, 49 percent said extreme weather is causing more forest fires, up seven points since March.”

You can read the full post here.

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