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ECEX Claims 70% Reduction in HVAC Equipment Maintenance

Posted 11 years ago

ECEX Claims 70% Reduction in HVAC Equipment MaintenanceECEX, noted engineering specialists has just launched a new range of air intake screens designed for every known type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and cooling tower applications, including condensers, air-cooled chillers and dry coolers.

The air intake prevents bacterial growth, often found in water-cooling towers, by preventing external nutrient sources from entering the equipment.

According to Richard Betts, ECEX Managing Director, “Protection of air intake systems helps reduce energy and maintenance costs. Particles of airborne debris are drawn into HVAC equipment which can cause filters to clog up and increase airflow resistance.””

With the screen fitted it helps to improve the efficiency of internal air filters, protect louvre actuators and promote indoor air quality.

Continue reading to see why the screen increases the cooling tower efficiency.

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