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All About AC Ripoffs and Service Scams Techniques

Posted 11 years ago

All About  AC Ripoffs and Service Scams TechniquesIt would be beneficial to learn some facts to avoid air conditioning ripoffs and service scams that come at very high prices. AC rip-offs and scams will drain some financial resources without providing good service, as they are taking advantage of the clients that has no knowledge in AC electrical stuff.

Here are some techniques of air conditioning ripoffs and scams that are geared to affect your ac system.

  • Putting older, worn parts in place of new components.
  • Doing repair work that is not needed
  • Over-charging for parts and labor
  • Installing equipment that is poorly made
  • Doing a major repair operation to fix a minor malfunction

Don’t be a victim and have the proper research to get the most trusted ac experts.

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