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Air-Conditioning and Heat Maintenance Now Made Easy

Posted 11 years ago

Karie Fay wrote some good tips for Central Air-Conditioning and Heat Maintenance Made Easy where she said that “Cooling in the summer was unheard of, unless you plunged into the river like Huckleberry Finn or could afford servants standing around fanning you like a member of royalty and in contrast today, we have it easy. That is, it’s so easy that your heating and cooling system is often overlooked – almost an afterthought – until suddenly the furnace doesn’t heat or the cold air doesn’t blow.”

One of the most important tips she mentioned is to change filters at least twice a year or as often as needed. That is because sometimes most air conditioners would not work properly because of this, and checking it often will save us a tremendous amount of money.

For more tips, go here.

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