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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Extreme Weather Hits US Hard

A great majority of Americans are convinced that the global warming and climate change is having a very serious impact on the United States. They were convinced even more by the record heat during the past summer.  The number of Americans convinced by this fact has risen by 5% from the time of the last survey.

Even if Americans are not aware of the problems caused by climate change, its effects cannot be denied. This year it has wreaked havoc in agricultural areas because of very high heat.

Here is part of an article by Deborah Zabarenko for iol.co.za, “Extreme weather is clearly having a serious impact on millions of Americans, though the impacts are different in different parts of the country,” survey co-investigator Edward Maibach of George Mason University said in a statement.

The survey found most Midwesterners – 71 percent, up 21 points since March – said extreme weather caused more harm to crops over the past few decades. Eighty-three percent said they personally experienced an extreme heat wave, while 81 percent said they had experienced drought in the past year. That was an increase of 55 percentage points from March.

A smaller majority of Southerners – 56 percent – said the weather in their localities has been getting worse over the past few years. Only 40 percent of those in the Northeast said drought has become more common. In the West, 49 percent said extreme weather is causing more forest fires, up seven points since March.”

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Sharing Extreme Weather Concerns and Experiences

Extreme weather is something that we should all be concerned about today. That’s the idea behind the forum that was held at the Wild Center over in Tupper Lake. Officials and planners came together with members of the community to discuss the effects of extreme weather conditions.

Their concern is that the changing weather patterns are bound to only become more severe in the future. In case things become worse, everyone should be properly prepared.

Here is a part of an article that appeared on the Press-Republican, “Local government officials, community planners and others who work closely with municipal and county governments in the Adirondack region discussed their experiences and official predictions of extreme weather events caused by climate change, which are expected to be more severe in the future.

“Irene cost $16 billion; Jay alone is $3 million in debt from that storm,” Jay Town Supervisor Randy Douglas told those at the gathering. “It was the seventh-most costly disaster in U.S. history, and seventh out of the 10 worst disasters since 2000.

“Towns cannot afford repairs alone for these events.”

Many attendees observed that local weather patterns are changing, and that as those responsible for community welfare, they plan to consider some new ways of doing business that require internal and external input in preparing for weather emergencies.”

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North America Tops Climate Change Hit List

It seems that North America tops the list of places that has seen an increase in the number of natural disasters, and especially those concerned with climate change. That is stated in the report that was released by the world’s largest insurance company.

The rise in the number of these disasters is most evident in the United States and the rest of North America. These include severe heat, tornadoes, very strong hurricanes, and flooding. The report says that these are all marks of the changing climate.

Here is part of an article by Theo Spencer for the Switchboard.nrdc.org,  “Today, the world’s largest reinsurance company released a report stating the number of weather catastrophes has risen dramatically across the globe since 1980.

“North America is the continent with the largest increase in disasters,” Munich Re’s Dr. Peter Roder is quoting as saying in a front page story in USA Today.

“Nowhere in the world is the rising number of annual natural catastrophes more evident than in North America,” the report’s Executive Summary states (the study is not publicly available yet, but we were able to obtain a copy). These events include tornadoes, searing heat and drought, hurricanes and floods.

Munich Re calls its findings the first “footprint” of climate change in natural disaster data. The report is titled “Severe Weather in North America: Perils, Risks, Insurance” and is aimed at regular insurance companies, clients and investors.”

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Ways for Keeping Your AC Unit in Great Condition

Ways for Keeping Your AC Unit in Great ConditionNo matter if your air conditioning unit is brand new or several years old, there are many ways for you to keep it in great condition. Your AC unit will work properly and save you money when kept in great shape. Below are some ways for keeping your air condition operating in tip top condition.

  • Find the best company who can work and properly maintain your air condition system.
  • Check your filter at times an air conditioning problem can be as effortless of a fix as replacing your filter.
  • Watch your condenser, cut any weeds and tall grass throughout the unit.
  • Do a regular maintenance from your trusted air conditioning Port Richey company can save you money in the long term.
  • Check your ductwork, washed out all the debris and dust that blocked to run your AC efficiently.

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More Revenue in Store for LG Electronics

The demand for air conditioners is quite high during the summer because of the heat. LG electronics estimated that they will be earning $10 billion won in revenue from selling commercial air conditioners alone by 2020 since the demand right now for Air Conditioners are dependent on the health of the overall economic climate.

“Economic troubles in Europe, which is LG’s biggest market, clearly hurt, while the economic slowdown in China and Korea is also dragging us down. Despite these difficulties, we have been maintaining our pace in growth and we remain positive about our mid- to long term business prospects,” said LG commercial air conditioner division head Lee Kam-kyu.

They also have a newest commercial air conditioner, the MultiV Super 4. So better check that out.

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