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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Factors to Consider When Looking for an AC Repair Technician

Factors to Consider When Looking for an AC Repair TechnicianBefore calling any AC repair expert to go fixing things in your AC system, you need to be knowledgeable enough to choose whom to hire to avoid any air condition repair rip-off. Finding people to do such services isn’t too difficult, you just need a proper initial research.

Here are some factors to consider when looking an AC repair technicians.

  • Ask friends and neighbors for their recommendations for AC repair contractors they have hired in the past.
  • Ask at least three potential contractors for detailed written bids.
  • Contact your state and local offices to check on the contractor’s licensing status.
  • Ask potential contractors for references from local customers.
  • Check and understand the financial terms being offered.

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All About AC Ripoffs and Service Scams Techniques

All About  AC Ripoffs and Service Scams TechniquesIt would be beneficial to learn some facts to avoid air conditioning ripoffs and service scams that come at very high prices. AC rip-offs and scams will drain some financial resources without providing good service, as they are taking advantage of the clients that has no knowledge in AC electrical stuff.

Here are some techniques of air conditioning ripoffs and scams that are geared to affect your ac system.

  • Putting older, worn parts in place of new components.
  • Doing repair work that is not needed
  • Over-charging for parts and labor
  • Installing equipment that is poorly made
  • Doing a major repair operation to fix a minor malfunction

Don’t be a victim and have the proper research to get the most trusted ac experts.

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An Exciting New Invention: Energy-Saving Solar Air Heater for Homes

Virgil Johnson, a 55 year old former power plant operator and electric meter technician created an invention that has quite a long name: the Rain-Barrel-Water-Mister-For-Your Central-Air-Conditioner.

According to him, his invention uses mineral-free, cost-free rainwater that’s sprayed on air-conditioning condenser coils to keep them cool and clean. He estimates he’s saved about 250 watts per hour using his invention to make his central air conditioner run better on less power — an old AC unit he believes was built at the same time as his 40-year-old house.

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Still No AC, But Power Back On for Miami High-Rise Residents

While doing an emergency repair to an air-conditioning unit at the 11th floor, a worker accidentally broke a water pipe which led to the blowout of an electrical transformer of the The Venetia Condominiums building.

“It’s just really hot, no air conditioner, no water, so I have to go to someone else’s house to take a shower – which is a disaster or get like jugs of water so I can brush teeth.” said of one of the residents.

Residents said that temperatures inside their homes had risen into the upper 80’s, so the way that they describe it, spending a night here in the building was like living in hell.

Power and Water were back after a couple of days but the problem now is that the AC is still not working, and there were no updates on when it’s going to be fixed.

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