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Tips on Cutting Back on Winter Expenses

Posted 5 years ago

Cutting back on your winter expenses can be difficult. What with all the needs to keep your home comfortably warm. However, there are still a couple of ways for you to keep the costs at a minimum:
  • Apply weatherstripping around doors and windows to prevent leaks and drafts.
  • Install a WiFi-connected programmable thermostat to allow you to adjust the settings while at work.
  • Invest in an energy monitor to keep you reminded on cutting back on your home’s consumption.
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Sleeping Well Without an Air Conditioner

Posted 5 years ago

Air conditioning units are usually overworked during summer season. While a lot of people can’t live without their air conditioners, still many choose not to install ACs in their homes. For one, freezing air can cause stiff limbs and even exposure to mold. Here are some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep without an air conditioning unit.

–          Always buy ultra-breathable fabric for your cotton sheets.

–          Make sure your fan is pointing toward an open window.

–          Reduce the amount of heat that enters into your home by closing curtains and blinds.

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Help Animals Keep Warm During Winter

Posted 6 years ago

dog wearing winter jacketWhile animals typically have stronger adaptive skills, they lack most of the means to protect themselves from the cold weather – they don’t have houses, except the ones that their owners provide, and all they wear to keep their bodies warm are their furs or feathers. We’ve been continually told that we should be kind to animals, however, let’s not limit this generosity only to our pets but extend it to stray animals in our neighborhoods and other wildlife animals we meet on the roads.

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Australian BHP Billiton: Climate Change is Real

Posted 7 years ago

Australian BHP Billiton: Climate Change is RealThe world’s largest mining company, Australian BHP Billiton, admits that climate change is real and fossil fuels and its extreme weather is the cause.

Explaining the company’s decision to retrofit one if its coal-exporting facilities against significant weather events, BHP Billiton executive Marcus Randolph was quoted as saying, “As we see more cyclone-related events … the vulnerability of one of these facilities to a cyclone is quite high. So we built a model saying this is how we see this impacting what the economics would be and used that with our board of directors to rebuild the facility to be more durable to climate change.”

It’s time they finally faced reality and started working to reverse climate change.

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