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Tips on Replacing Your AC Unit

Posted 3 years ago

If your air conditioner is no longer cooling your home the way it should, then maybe it’s time for you to determine whether or not the system has to be replaced. After checking the unit’s air flow and other strange sounds you may hear, it’s time that you consider these tips on replacing your unit.

  • Don’t go for the lowest price.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to help you save more money.
  • Have your furnace checked or you can get a new one and have it installed together with your new AC.

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How to Choose a Reliable AC Repairman

Posted 4 years ago

AC breakdowns can be very common after the warmer months are over. To avoid getting ripped off by an air conditioning repair company, make sure you know your model first as well as the problem that needs to be addressed. Below are some tips that will help you choose a trustworthy AC repair company.

  • –          Make sure to research the company by checking the Better Business Bureau.
  • –          Inspect the company’s licensing and ask for a copy of their license.
  • –          Obtain estimates from at least three companies.

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Ways on How to Beat the Heat

Posted 4 years ago

Summer season is finally here and oftentimes, staying cool is a challenge to many commuters out there. Below are some tips on how one can keep a cool climate despite the increasing temperatures.

–          Remote start the vehicle before entering your vehicle.

–          Maintain your vehicle’s refrigerant level and filters to ensure optimal functioning of its AC unit.

–          Draw the curtains during the times of day when windows are in direct sunlight.

–          Change the filter of your AC unit regularly.

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How to Keep Your Car’s AC in Check

Posted 4 years ago

Check your car air conditioner to avoid small problems becoming a big one.The simplest way to determine whether your car’s air conditioning system is not working efficiently is to feel the air coming out of the vent. If it isn’t as cool as it should be then you can conclude that the AC is experiencing a malfunction.

A problematic car AC leads to more than just discomfort, especially this summer season; it can also cause the vehicle to overheat. So, before things completely go out of hand, be sure to have your vehicle serviced and its air conditioner repaired.
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How to Keep Your AC Efficient

Posted 4 years ago

AC cleaning and maintenance.

Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner is forced to work twice as hard as it should to keep your home cool and comfortable. Not only does this lead to excessive energy consumption, but it also makes AC malfunctions more common.

To keep your air conditioner efficient, and your energy bills at the minimum, check the air filter every 30 days of use and replace it whenever necessary, keep the heat pump shaded and well-protected without restricting airflow, leave vents unblocked, and clean the AC condenser at least twice every year.

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Man Calls 9-1-1 Due to Broken Air Conditioner

Posted 4 years ago

Optimize the safety of your air conditioner.While a fully functional air conditioner becomes a greater necessity during the hot season, a broken down AC is not nearly considered as a 9-1-1 emergency. As a matter of fact, twenty-six-year-old Travis Turner, of Indiana, Pennsylvania, had his phone disconnected due to an inappropriate emergency call that he made last Sunday afternoon.

Turner has been warned to stop making unnecessary calls before, but, just recently, he dialed 9-1-1 and reported that he was experiencing some chest pains. When help arrived, however, it turns out that it was not an ambulance that he needed but a technician to fix his air conditioner.

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7 Signs that Point to Furnace Breakdown

Posted 5 years ago

Before finally breaking down, furnaces often give off signs letting the owners know that it won’t be long before they have to go shopping for new units. Here are 7 signs to warn you that your furnace is no longer in its best condition:
  1. Your unit is on the latter half of its teenage years.
  2. Your utility bills are increasing.
  3. The unit has gone through a lot of repairs and part replacements
  4. The temperature levels in the rooms are inconsistent.
  5. The furnace flame is yellow.
  6. Unusual noises are coming from the furnace.
  7. The indoor air is very dry.
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How to Stay Safe and Cool During a Heatwave

Posted 5 years ago

Soaring temperatures as the season changes from cold to hot could leave us all sweating and dehydrated. That said, it is important to keep in mind some weather facts that will protect us and our family during a hot weather.

–          Scorching temperatures can disrupt your sleeping patterns and eventually take a toll on your body.

–          Temperatures inside automobiles rise to deadly levels in just a matter of minutes.

–          To stay cool while you are at home, pull the drapes on windows that face the west and the south.

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Repair or Replace: Furnace Conundrum

Posted 5 years ago

Rattling, rocking or vibrating noises, low rumbling and scarping sounds, flickering or yellow pilot lights, and high pitched squealing are all common signs of furnace distress caused by furnace age and poor maintenance.

A problematic furnace can mean inefficient energy use, which consequently leads to pricey utility bills. The Furnace AFUE Rating can help you determine if you are using an energy-efficient unit.
Deciding whether to repair or replace a furnace can put you in a tricky situation. Either way, you will have to shell out a significant amount of money, and it’s only a matter of choosing the more efficient choice. To help you, check out an infographic from All Care Heating & Air Conditioning.
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The Perks of Changing Dirty Air Filters

Posted 5 years ago

While many experts recommend that an HVAC air filter be replaced every three months, checking whether it is dirty and clogged, and already needs replacement, on a monthly basis can secure greater efficiency for your heating and cooling system.

Here are four benefits of inspecting and replacing dirty air filters even before they start slowing your system down:
  1. Extend HVAC system lifespan
  2. Minimizes energy consumption and costs
  3. Enhance air quality
  4. Maintain HVAC system cleanliness
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