Comfortable Rooms for Students Require Air Conditioners

Posted 7 years ago

Having an air conditioned classroom will help students concentrate in class, it also helps circulate filtered air inside the room or office. This air is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, microorganisms, bacteria etc.,  so the good health of the students can be assured.

But as research shows, there was still a metro high school that isn’t air conditioned and editorial board noted that it double-checked in disbelief.

It is so hard for most of the teachers and students to teach and learn when the temperature rises to 90 degrees. One of the teachers said that “it is impossible to have students master complex subjects like checks and balances, separation of powers and federalism when there are only three fans blowing the same hot, humid air.”

Read here for more.

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Alarming Air Quality Issues

Posted 7 years ago

Energy consumption is getting high during the hot season, especially for those businesses that have an inevitably high need to power air conditioners. So, as temperatures rise so do our energy usage and air pollution.

There are actually some communities whose people are forced to breathe dirty and contaminated air. This is usually true for communities that are near fossil fuel – pollution generating power plants. It has been said that their air quality is worse than the national average for both ozone and particulate matter levels.

Check here to find the list of communities.

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Keep your Air Conditioner from Breaking Down By Keeping The Inside Cooler

Posted 7 years ago

In this hot weather season having an air conditioner is such a good investment. But using too much power causes a household’s overall voltage to dip, causing various electrical appliances to run incorrectly, including the ac unit.

In order to keep it from breaking down is imperative to keep the inside temperature at a maximum of 20 degrees less than the outside temperature according to Lindsay Branwall, a contributor / writer who wrote an article called Air Conditioning Business Heats Up. When the weather is at worst, your air conditioning system has a big chance in breaking down, so it is necessary also to have a routine replacement of your air conditioner filter, air conditioner coils and coils fins.

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9 Tips on Surviving the Heat WITHOUT Air Conditioning

Posted 7 years ago

Being able to survive a heat wave WITHOUT air conditioning is very hard task since temperatures nowadays are consistently reaching the high 90s to 100s in some areas.

The National Weather Service said that afternoon temperature reached 110 degrees and due to thunderstorms, increased humidity is possible, making it downright unbearable for some.

Air conditioner is a great help for this kind of weather, but how can you survive the heat wave if you don’t have an air conditioning system at home?

Anne Carothers-Kay shares her nine tips on how to survive a heat wave if you don’t have air conditioning at home. Click here to see the tips.

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