Monthly Archives: March, 2016

How to Stay Safe During Severe Weather

According to statistics, March is the third highest month for tornadoes in North Carolina. And with that, it is important for everyone to prepare for these big storms. Below are some tips on how to keep your family safe during such severe weather.

  • Make sure that you have a plan on where to go in case a tornado touches down in your area.
  • Prepare your survival kit with all essential items such as medicines, blanket, non-perishable food and flashlight.
  • Stay informed of the weather conditions.

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Severe Weather Safety Tips

All thunderstorms including tornadoes, lightning and flash floods can be very dangerous as they can form quickly. With that said, it is important that we secure ourselves from loose objects and other flying debris in high winds. Below are some safety tips for severe weather.

  • Avoid seeking shelter in cafeterias and gymnasiums because the roof might collapse.
  • Stay off the water.
  • Be prepared to protect yourself with your arms or a coat from flying debris.

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Ways to Winterize Your Home

During the cold weather, there are actually a lot of ways for you to save on your heating bill. To get you started, here are some tips to ensure a more comfortable and energy efficient home during winter.

  • Change your furnace’s filter regularly.
  • Check the components of your furnace and have them serviced.
  • Seal all doors and windows to avoid heat from escaping.
  • Insulate your ductwork.
  • Use foam pipe insulators to avoid pipes from bursting.

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Safety Tips for Severe Weather Conditions

Severe weather can pose threats not only to your property but also to your family’s safety. Below are some important tips to help ensure you and your family’s safety during severe weather conditions.

  • Immediately seek shelter in a sturdy building if you are caught outdoors.
  • Pull over and park if flying debris occurs while you are driving.
  • Go to the basement if you are inside your home or in a small building.

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