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How to Make Cold Season Savings with Your HVAC

The cost of having an HVAC system repaired after a breakdown or malfunction can go all the way up to hundreds of dollars. Making minor expenses to change or condition parts and winterize your home can therefore help you make significant savings throughout the cold season.
Here are some measures that you should consider:
  • Save up to 15% on your monthly heating bill by regularly changing the air filter
  • Schedule a pre-season tune-up with your HVAC service provider
  • Upgrade your home’s insulation system
  • Invest in a quality thermostat
  • Install energy-efficient windows
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What Makes Quality AC Inspection and Tune-up

HVAC servicing comes in different rates per contractor. As it is not necessarily the most affordable thing in the world, it is important to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

During an inspection and tune-up, see to it that your licensed technician checks the thermostat settings, the controls of the system and the condensate drain, tightens all electrical connections, and lubricates all moving parts.
During a pre-summer check-up, make sure he cleans the evaporator, blower components and condenser coils, and checks the refrigerant level, while for winter, make sure he checks all gas (or oil) connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger.
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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Because of the increasing temperature brought about by the summer season, some consumers have had their AC units running full blast during the day. As a result, your electricity bill has skyrocketed and your unit has started to break down. Here are some AC maintenance tips to ensure that your unit will still run efficiently.

–          Replace or clean your air filters regularly.

–          Check window seals to make sure cool air is not escaping.

–          Consult your owner’s manual before doing anything.

–          Arrange a yearly maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

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How to Choose a Reliable and Trustworthy AC Repairman

As the temperatures continue to warm up, many homeowners are setting their AC units on full blast. Oftentimes, this could lead to a broken or damaged unit, or result to common problems such as leaking refrigerant, issues with the thermostat and clogged drain.

If you are looking to have your AC unit serviced, here are some tips on how to choose a trustworthy repairman:

– Hire a licensed technician who will maintain your HVAC system.

– Make sure to research the company through the Better Business Bureau reviews.

– Don’t forget to check the licensing.

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Prep Your HVAC for Fall and Winter

Fall is on its way and what better way to prepare for its arrival than to winterize one’s home, starting with the HVAC system. Here are 5 things with which every homeowner should keep busy:
  1. Clean at least two feet of space around the outdoor unit on a weekly basis
  2. Replace the HVAC filter every 90 days of use
  3. Seal holes and gaps around your house’s pipes and ducts
  4. Use bleach and water mixture to clean mold, algae and other debris off of the condensate drain
  5. Call for an appointment with your HVAC service provider for professional cleaning and maintenance
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Ways on How to Beat the Heat

Summer season is finally here and oftentimes, staying cool is a challenge to many commuters out there. Below are some tips on how one can keep a cool climate despite the increasing temperatures.

–          Remote start the vehicle before entering your vehicle.

–          Maintain your vehicle’s refrigerant level and filters to ensure optimal functioning of its AC unit.

–          Draw the curtains during the times of day when windows are in direct sunlight.

–          Change the filter of your AC unit regularly.

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Air Conditioning Parts You Shouldn’t Ignore

Maintaining your air conditioning system, especially its eight most important parts, is the key to keeping your utility bills to a minimum. Here are the AC parts that you shouldn’t neglect when doing regular maintenance.

  1. Filters- replace or clean your dirty filter to reduce AC’s energy consumption.
  2. Coils- clean the coils using a soft brush or can.
  3. Coil fins- clean the fins using a vacuum or a soft brush.
  4. Evaporator drain- check the drain for plugs which can cause algae and mold buildup.

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Learning What Your HVAC Needs

Regularly check the HVAC of your home.Furnace and air conditioner maintenance is a process that involves a series of measures, all of which play intricate roles in keeping the said systems at maximum efficiency and durability. The following are three tasks that no homeowner should ever skip in his regular home and HVAC maintenance routine:
  • Change the air filter
  • Schedule professional maintenance
  • Keep the temperature settings constant
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How to Get the Most of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Keep your AC unit cleanNow that summer is finally here, it is definitely nice to come home to a cool and comfortable home. But because your air conditioner works too hard during this time of the year, your energy bill is likely to increase. Below are some tips on how to keep your AC unit running at its peak efficiency.

–          Keep your vents clear from blockages and check it periodically to ensure that no debris has built up.

–          Run your AC unit steadily instead of turning it on and off.

–          Help circulate the air by using fans and doors.

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Why Check the HVAC System Before House Purchase

Before purchasing a house, among the things that should be considered is the condition of the HVAC system. Not only does this help secure a safe and comfortable indoor ambiance, but it also saves you from the costly and troublesome task of replacing units and parts that turn out to be dysfunctional.

By conducting an HVAC inspection, you can determine whether the system has high energy efficiency, if it needs a good, thorough cleaning, and whether it is in good working condition.
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