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How to Make Savings During the Hot Season

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When homeowners remember summer, they often think of the trade-off between a cool, cozy indoor atmosphere and manageable energy bills. However, this isn’t always the case, particularly for homeowners who make it a point to observe energy-saving measures throughout the hot season.

To start with, homeowners should get the right HVAC size for their homes, set the thermostat at proper settings, replace the AC filter, and schedule regular HVAC maintenance. They are also advised to opt for fluorescent or LED bulbs, wash clothes with warm or cold water, fix leaks, draw blinds during the day, use ceiling fans, and only run full loads in the dishwasher.

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Car Air Filter Care Tips

V8 engine air filter of an american car

Car air filters should be changed or cleaned at least once every year, even when they don’t display signs of inefficiency, but even more so when they do. The first step to doing this is to determine its location – your owner’s manual may be able to guide you with this.

If your vehicle is equipped with a reusable air filter, all you’d have to do is remove, clean and reinstall. Changing the filter, on the other hand, requires that you know the appropriate make and model. You can consult a professional or have him perform the task if you don’t feel confident about doing it on your own.

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How to Keep Your AC Efficient

AC cleaning and maintenance.

Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner is forced to work twice as hard as it should to keep your home cool and comfortable. Not only does this lead to excessive energy consumption, but it also makes AC malfunctions more common.

To keep your air conditioner efficient, and your energy bills at the minimum, check the air filter every 30 days of use and replace it whenever necessary, keep the heat pump shaded and well-protected without restricting airflow, leave vents unblocked, and clean the AC condenser at least twice every year.

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All-Year-Round Maintenance for an Efficient AC

If you want a smooth-running air conditioning system throughout summer, you need to invest both time and money to make sure it gets all the care it needs.

While there are maintenance tasks that only need to be performed at least once per year, such as checking the outdoor units and heat pumps, getting rid of algae and mold build-up in the condensate drain and replacing the battery in the carbon monoxide detector, others have to be done more frequently, like replacing the air filter, clearing the surroundings of the outdoor unit and inspecting insulation of refrigerant lines.

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How to Keep Your AC Feeling Brand New for a Long Time

You can count on a brand new air conditioner to improve the indoor air quality in your home without taking it out on your utility bills. However, while it may be working perfectly now, it won’t take long before you’re once again sweating through an afternoon with a broken down unit, especially if you continue to deprive your AC of all the care it needs.

To keep your brand new AC in good condition, you can start by installing a programmable thermostat that will help regulate the temperature inside the house. You should also secure smooth air flow by keeping vents free of blockage, cleaning the outdoor unit and changing air filters. Finally, scheduling annual professional inspection and tune-up keeps the unit in check.
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Don’t Let the Heat Get the Best of You

Inspect air conditioner and do a test run.You can’t possibly expect your air conditioner to work efficiently all-summer-long without even giving it a good prepping. Even before the hot season begins, it pays to take the unit out, give it a thorough cleaning, have it inspected and tuned-up by your AC guy, and do a test run.

Replacing the AC air filter is simple enough to be done by homeowners. However, tasks like checking the outdoor compressor unit, capacitors, coils, and refrigerant, as well as vents and ductwork inspection, should be left in the hands of more capable individuals.
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Man Calls 9-1-1 Due to Broken Air Conditioner

Optimize the safety of your air conditioner.While a fully functional air conditioner becomes a greater necessity during the hot season, a broken down AC is not nearly considered as a 9-1-1 emergency. As a matter of fact, twenty-six-year-old Travis Turner, of Indiana, Pennsylvania, had his phone disconnected due to an inappropriate emergency call that he made last Sunday afternoon.

Turner has been warned to stop making unnecessary calls before, but, just recently, he dialed 9-1-1 and reported that he was experiencing some chest pains. When help arrived, however, it turns out that it was not an ambulance that he needed but a technician to fix his air conditioner.

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How Well Do You Know the AC?

One way of saving the electricity bill is to clean the air filter of the air conditioner.Many people, nowadays, cannot imagine their homes without air conditioning during the hot days of summer. However, other than keeping buildings cool and comfortable, the AC technology has actually led to more significant innovations through time. As a matter of fact, many advances in medicine that exist today would not have been possible without the former.

There are a lot of interesting events in the history of air conditioning. For instance, before Willis Carrier’s invention in 1902, large blocks of ice were used to cool food and people, and not to mention that the architectural design of most buildings then were completely different.
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How Can Homeowners Keep Their AC Efficient?

In order to keep efficiecy of air conditioner change its air filter.Homeowners should work hand-in-hand with maintenance contractors in order to keep their homes’ air conditioning systems in good working condition. While more complex tasks, such as checking and cleaning the coils, should be left in the hands of experts, there are those that can be handled even by non-professionals.

Changing the air filter, clearing debris off the outdoor unit, and cleaning out the condensate drain are only some of the things that homeowners can do to keep their AC efficient.

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Steps to a Healthy HVAC This Summer

Cyrus Brame cleaning gutters
This summer, it’s important to keep our cool — literally and metaphorically — and we can’t do this if we’re short on preventive maintenance efforts. Among the things for which we should be ready are summer storms, and we can mitigate their adverse effects by cleaning the gutters and downspouts. Additionally, if you don’t mind an increase in your energy bills, you may also adjust the humidifier settings.
Changing the air filter monthly or as often as recommended, fixing duct leaks, and scheduling regular maintenance with a trusted service technician are steps helpful to keeping your HVAC in check.
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