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Dealing with Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioner pull out for repair.

The inefficiency or improper operation of an air conditioning system often stems from common problems experienced by many homeowners. These problems include poor insulation, faulty installation, refrigerant leaks, inadequate maintenance, electric control failure, sensor problems, and drainage problems.

While the immediate response of many homeowners would be to call for professional help as soon as they notice these issues, there are actually a number of DIY methods that won’t cost them as much. They can start by ensuring that windows and outside doors are closed, changing the air filter, and adjusting the position of the sensor.
There are, however, more complex issues that need to be dealt with by experts. When choosing a technician, do a background check and be sure to choose one who’s reliable and experienced.
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How to Make Savings through an Efficient A/C

Reduce A/C energy consumptionMaking even just the tiniest savings on their energy bills can bring many homeowners great relief. That’s why, during the peak of summer, maximizing air conditioner efficiency always counts among their top priorities.
Here’s a list of steps that can help reduce A/C energy consumption:
  • Turn off the A/C and take advantage of the natural cool air at night
  • Set the thermostat at 72 degrees or higher
  • Switch lights off when not in use
  • Install attic fans
  • Close curtains or blinds during the day
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Steps on Reducing Summer HVAC Expenses for Business Owners

Expense key.
An air conditioner, during a hot summer day, can certainly be a source of great relief for both workers and clients in a commercial building. As the owner, it is important to ensure that you’re making wise decisions about the A/C system in your office. Here are some suggestions you should consider:
  • Audit current heating and cooling systems
  • Schedule regular maintenance
  • Control direct sunlight
  • Capitalize on energy-efficient products
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Get Your A/C Summer-ready!

Programmable ac thermostat.

This season may very well turn out to be one of the hottest summers in history. Fortunately, it would be nothing that a well-maintained air conditioning system can’t handle. Make sure to do the following:

  • Schedule a tune-up with your most trusted contractor
  • Replace air filter to prevent breakdowns and maintain efficiency
  • Raise thermostat settings when you’re not home
  • Install a programmable efficiency for convenience and additional efficiency
  • Trim shrubs surrounding the outdoor unit
  • Call for assistance before minor problems becomes bigger
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Rid Your Home of Allergens through A/C Maintenance

Allergens such as mold are among the major problems that stem from a dirty air conditioning system. Be sure to deal with these unwanted airborne particles before they proceed to harming you and your loved ones.

  • Clean the ducts
  • Check the HVAC filter
  • Install a UV Light

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How to Have a Long-lasting Air Conditioning System

Keep regular check-up to your AC system.

Many homeowners have questions about how they can extend the life of their air conditioning systems. Well, the secret lies in regular and proper maintenance, so make sure that your A/C gets all the love that it needs.

  • Have your A/C inspected and serviced at least once a year
  • Have a professional deal with minor problems before they get bigger
  • Consider subscribing to an A/C maintenance plan, especially if you are using an older unit
  • Keep the system clean by changing the air filter on a regular basis

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How to Keep Your Home’s Temperature Low and Your Bills Lower

Pay the bills.

Many think that it’s always a trade-off between a cool and comfortable home and affordable energy bills. But, smart homeowners know that there are simple and manageable ways to work around this scenario:

  • Perform a thorough cleaning of your A/C and all its parts before turning it on for the first during the hot season.
  • Set the thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature to minimize energy costs.
  • Keep the rooms that are seldom used securely closed.
  • If you notice signs of malfunction in your system, have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

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Are You Using Your A/C the Right Way?

Fan and Molding with PussywillowsThere are a number of misconceptions and myths regarding the use of air conditioning systems. Many of these lead to impractical use and inefficiency.

Don’t get lost in all the misleading notions – check out the following advice for smart A/C use:

  • Turning off your A/C or setting it at 78 degrees or higher when you leave the house keeps it efficient.
  • Buy a programmable thermostat that suits both your cooling and heating systems.
  • Using a ceiling fan allows you to set the thermostat at a higher temperature and still stay cool.
  • Planting shady bushes or trees on the south and west side of your house will help reduce heat gain.
  • Create a cross breeze by slightly opening a window on one side of the house and another on the opposite side.

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The When and How of Efficient A/C Maintenance

Have the system checked by professionalsWhen it comes to keeping your air conditioning system in good shape, and your home cool and comfortable all throughout summer, there are a couple of measures that you should remember:

  • Make sure your A/C is at peak efficiency during summer through proper spring maintenance.
  • Have the system checked by professionals on a regular basis, and learn about the steps involved in a routine maintenance.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance: What You Need to Know

AC thermostat repair.
Keep your family safe, get the most our of your system, make significant savings and stay cool during the hottest days of summer through proper and regular air conditioner maintenance. Here are some measures that you should consider:
  • Check and change the A/C air filter
  • Sign up for an annual service plan
  • Be proactive and perform preventive maintenance
To learn more, check out Air Group’s 5 Reason Why You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance.
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