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3 HVAC Maintenance Tips

Reset and run the circuit breaker.There are things for knowing which you will be extremely thankful in the future, and one of these is HVAC maintenance — neglecting your home’s air conditioning system can easily turn your summer from warm and pleasant to extremely hot and unbearable.
Here are 3 parts of your HVAC that deserve special attention this incoming hot season:
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Clean the condenser coil.
  • Reset and run the circuit breaker.
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Energy-efficient Ways to Cool Your Home

Fan can help circulate the cooler air.Now that summer months are just around the corner, you can’t probably stop thinking as early as now about cooling systems. Apparently, homeowners will eventually start looking for ways to keep their homes cool. According to Jim Serra, owner of Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley in Pleasant Valley, cooling your home the “green way” means cooling it using as little electricity as possible.

Here are some energy-efficient ways to cool your home.

–          Install fans to help circulate the cooler air.

–          Use a dehumidifier to help you feel more comfortable by keeping the air dry when it’s humid outside.

–          Seal up the large and small holes in the walls.

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3 Reasons Professional Preventive Maintenance Will Benefit Your AC

Professional preventive maintenance helps cut repair costs.As it can be quite pricey, some homeowners prefer to think that calling for air conditioning service should be reserved only for emergencies. However, gives us three reasons why it is extremely beneficial to hire the experts even just for preventive AC maintenance:
  • Professional preventive maintenance helps cut repair costs.
  • It contributes to an efficient HVAC system.
  • It prepares your system and home for the upcoming season.
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Why Should You Change Your HVAC’s Air Filter?

Electric fan for clean  air circulates through your home.Making sure the air filter in your HVAC unit is clean and unclogged does you more good that you could ever imagine. Here are some of the benefits of checking and changing the filter on a regular basis:
  • Fan and heating coil protection
  • Clean air circulates through your home
  • Allows air to flow freely
To learn more about these benefits, check out an article from Jackson & Sons — How Can Changing Your Air Filter Improve HVAC Efficiency?
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How to Make HVAC Savings This Spring

Saving money
A smooth transition from winter to spring is essential in ensuring that your HVAC system is safe from any malfunction, your home is well-prepared for the incoming warm weather, and your monthly utility bills don’t burn a hole through your pocket.
Here are some tasks that you should accomplish for HVAC savings this spring:
  • Replace old, dusty filter with a fresh one.
  • Check the outdoor unit and ensure that its surroundings are clean.
  • Take time to observe your unit and watch out for unusual sounds that may indicate a problem.
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Is it Better to Rent or Own an HVAC System?

Cost cutting

Renting an HVAC system may mean more affordable monthly payments over a longer period of time, less upfront costs and coverage of labor costs. On the other hand, owning one can increase the value of your home, which is a major perk of you’re planning on someday putting your property up in the market. Nevertheless, whether you’re planning on opting for one or the other, it is very important that you first weigh their pros and cons.

Certain HVAC companies offer low financing rates that can be used to create a custom financial plan for homeowners who are looking into making a purchase.
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Have You Found the Ideal HVAC Contractor?

HVAC Contractors vehicle.

Choosing a licensed and reputable service provider is just as important as selecting an HVAC unit with the ideal specifications. But, how can you be sure that you have found the the right contractor to install, maintain, repair and perform check-ups on your system? Simply consider the following advice:

  • Research and read online reviews on the contractor.
  • Perform some background check on the company and its workforce.
  • Inquire regarding their insurance coverage, service charges and affiliations
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Homeowner Tips to Spring HVAC Maintenance

HVAC and Photocopier Repair GuyHow do you ensure that your home is ready for the incoming warm season? Why though spring intensive HVAC maintenance of course! Now, this should already be an annual routine among most homeowners, but for the sake of those who have just recently converted to devoting the right amount of time and effort to making their homes functional and comfortable, here are a few items for your checklist:
  • Replace the air filter
  • Clean the coils
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
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Winter Home HVAC Prep Tips

Repair HVAC thermostat

Part of every individual’s winter preparation should be ensuring that his home’s HVAC system is at its best condition:

  • Prevent or fix a thermostat malfunction by keeping its components clean, using fresh batteries, and making sure that the circuit breaker has not been jumped.
  • Keep the indoor air clean and your HVAC efficient by changing the air filter before it has become too clogged with dust and dirt to function.
  • For proper air flow, make sure that the vents are not clogged nor obstructed.

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Post-winter Furnace Maintenance Tasks

Checking heater system

End-of-winter furnace maintenance is just as important as preparing your unit to battle the cold. Many homeowners who miss out on this task suffer the consequences the following cold season.

Here are some pointers on ensuring that your furnace is in good condition before storing it for the hot season:

  • Look out for cracks in the combustion chamber.
  • Clean the furnace, especially its filter, before storing.
  • Schedule professional checkup and maintenance.

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