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How to Keep Your AC Still Working During Summer

Our AC unit gave us a scare this afternoon. It cut out, we called a guy, he rinsed the coils and reset it. Fixed!More often than not, we tend to keep our air conditioning units for granted not until we start complaining about the rising temperature. And since summer season is just around the corner, we need to have our ACs checked because the last thing that we really need is an untimely air conditioning malfunction. Below are tips on how to ensure that your unit will still be working when you need it the most.

–          Make sure you replace your air conditioning filters at least once a month.

–          Clean your AC’s evaporator soil.

–          Dust the aluminum fins using a brush or comb attachment.

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How to Stay Cool Amidst the Heat Wave

Check your air conditioner for maintenance.During the warm weather, you certainly want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is functional. Obviously, a system break down is the last thing you need as the temperature starts to rise. Below are tips on how to ensure that there will be no complications with your air conditioning system.

–          Clean up around the outdoor condenser to make sure there are no twigs and leaves within the vicinity.

–          Check and replace your filters regularly.

–          Ease up on your cooling to increase your unit’s lifespan.

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North Carolina Affected by Rising Temperatures

Lots of areas are experiencing extreme temperature rises right now specially at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

Lots of areas are experiencing extreme temperature rises right now. This is a drastic shift compared to the cold weather extremes of a few months prior. When back then the concerns were to prevent cold weather related risks or accidents, measures are now being taken and promoted to prevent heat related illnesses.

One of the areas experiencing the unrelenting heat and its effects is North Carolina. Paramedics with Wake County EMS say they’ve responded to many calls from citizens who needed rescuing from heat stress or severe dehydration.
“We’ve responded to people who were out for a jog, came in and came crawling up to the door to let us in because they didn’t have the strength to stand up anymore, “said Jeff Hammerstein with Wake County EMS.
The State Health Department emphasized the need to drink lots of water and limit time spent under the sun. They also encourage people to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses.
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Broken AC in Post Office Causes Rise in Indoor Temperatures

This AC was busted, causing temperatures to rise from 85 to as high as 89 degrees.

Many factors in the office can influence your mood or desire to work and accomplish your daily tasks. They may involve co-workers, bosses, and even the environment. All these could make an employee motivated to work or want to stay home instead.

For instance, who would want to work in an environment that’s uncomfortably hot? That’s the kind of situation State Rep. Milo Smith discovered when he paid a visit to the downtown Columbus Post Office last Tuesday. The air conditioning was busted, causing temperatures to rise from 85 to as high as 89 degrees.
Smith contacted officials about the situation. Unfortunately, according to an article on The Republic, “The postal union has been told by postal officials that it could be a month or longer before the air conditioner is repaired or replaced.”

Keep Your Home Warm without Working the Furnace Up

Solar water heater plumbing overviewMany homeowners follow misled principles in furnace maintenance and home warming during winter. While majority of their ideas may be correct at certain degrees, slight exaggerations can prove to be disadvantageous.
  • Avoid decreasing the thermostat level during the coldest periods in the hopes of lowering energy consumption.
  • Change the furnace filters regularly.
  • Take advantage of the sun when it is out.
  • Get an annual checkup for your unit.
  • Keep the windows tightly locked to keep the air sealed.
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Preparing for the Hot Weather with Winter AC Maintenance

AC UnitWhen it comes to picking a schedule for our annual home maintenance tasks, spring season is usually our best option. However, many homeowners would agree that performing certain tasks, such as AC maintenance, during winter certainly lightens the load when spring arrives, offering more time to prepare for the hot weather.
  • Keep your AC, especially the outdoor unit, covered and well protected from various elements (e.g. leaves, dirt, moisture, etc.)
  • Replace old air filters with new ones before using the unit for the hot season.
  • Clean your unit before storing it for winter.
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DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning RepairsLooking for ways to make your air conditioning unit work better? McQuerry’s 24-hour Heating and Air has a couple of tips for homeowners who wish to learn more about DIY AC maintenance:
  • It’s typical for a unit that’s been working non-stop to suddenly stop working. However, before calling for the aid of experts, first check the breaker switch to see if a power overload simply occurred.
  • AC units run more efficiently when regularly and properly cleaned.
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Turning Your AC into a Good Investment

Air ConditionerAlong with all the benefits of having an HVAC system installed in your home comes a whole lot of responsibilities, and neglecting these can turn your investment into a disadvantage.
  • Air quality can greatly depend on the condition of your unit’s air filters so make sure to replace them at least once every three months.
  • Cut back on your expenses by investing on a programmable thermostat which will allow you to control the temperature in you’re home even when you’re away.
  • From basic cleaning to tech check-ups, regular AC maintenance is essential in securing the functionality and durability of your unit.
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How to Stay Cool When You Are at Home

a clean living room makes homeowner's feel relaxed during summer daysSummer is the time of the year when we need to battle both the heat and humidity. But then there are so many ways to stay cool at home without using an air conditioning unit.

–          Finish off with spring cleaning and make sure to discard all junk.

–          Cross ventilate your house by keeping the doors and windows shut during the hottest hours.

–          To ensure an airy and sunny atmosphere inside your home, keep the curtains light.

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How to Keep Your Home Naturally Cool

a comfortable bedroomWith summer just around the corner, we can expect that the increasing temperature can make us feel all the more uncomfortable. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit at home, the best way to bet the heat is naturally. Here are some ways on how you can keep your home cool without spending a dime.

–          Make sure that your house is kept closed tight during daytime.

–          Hang woven screens and bamboo shades outside the windows.

–          Install silver blinds, drapes and window shades to help deflect the heat.

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