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Don’t Let Spring Stop Your ACs from Working Properly

AC MaintenanceNow that spring has already kicked in, experts suggest that homeowners get their air conditioning units checked by a professional to ensure that is still in good working condition.

Before you hire an air conditioning contractor, it is important that you conduct a research on the potential companies you are considering. You can visit for the BBB Business Review of any air conditioning service or energy auditor. From there you can check some details about the company as well as any history of customer complaints.

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Tuning Up Your AC Unit Before Summer Season Kicks In

AC UnitWith summer season just around the corner, homeowners and entrepreneurs should start tuning up their AC units to make sure they stay in good working condition throughout the warm weather.

– Be cautious of the warning signs that your cooling and heating systems give off before they eventually shut down.

– Listen for a wailing noise that may start out as a minor issue but can eventually lead to some serious problem.

– Avoid frozen coils by making sure that you replace your filter every month.

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How to Keep Yourself Hydrated

Glass of WaterWith the summer season just around the corner, keeping ourselves hydrated is becoming a challenge for many of us. Below are tips on how you can keep yourself hydrated during the summer season.

– And because the warm season requires a lot of fluid intake, you can try something like coconut water, decaffeinated iced teas or lemonades.

– Add soups, broths and vegetable juices to your daily meal as they can replace your traditional dinner or lunch during summer.

– Drink at least 8 glasses of water even when indoors.

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Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

To improve the quality of air inside our homes, we don’t mind spending a fortune.

To improve the quality of air inside our homes, we don’t mind spending a fortune. We end up buying air fresheners, scented candles, the latest vacuum cleaners, and expensive purification machines. What we don’t know is that these things do not improve the quality of air. They mask odors and make things worse.

There are a lot of ways that you can do to improve the quality of air in our homes without draining your wallet like changing and cleaning air filters, turning on the fan instead of using an air conditioner, doing simple clean up, reducing clutter, and a lot more.

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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Novices

HVAC and Photocopier Repair GuyAre you having trouble with a newly installed AC in your home? shares some knowledge on system maintenance to HVAC novices:
  • Keep the condenser fan’s coils and blades clean – dirt accumulation can cause damage and prevent your unit from properly functioning.
  • Winter and summer periods are your HVAC system’s busiest times. Be sure to have it inspected before these seasons begin.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to easily control the system and avoid skyrocketing utility bills.
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Keeping Your AC in Good Condition

Contact your trusted technician if you notice the formation of ice in the unit.AC installation is very beneficial for the home, especially when the hot season arrives. However, this may also entail maintenance expenses which can grow larger if the unit is poorly cared for.
Here are some tips on AC maintenance to avoid large maintenance and repair expenses in the future:
  • Keep the indoor unit clean and avoid getting it too worked up – change the air filter at a regular basis and skip cooling rooms that are rarely used.
  • Have an expert inspect both the indoor and outdoor units at least once every year.
  • Contact your trusted technician if you notice the formation of ice in the unit.
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Reducing Your Heating and Cooling Costs

energy switching planAs homeowners, we would want to save more on our heating and cooling bills. TLC offers helpful tips on how to properly use the thermostat and what adjustments you can make to your windows, vents, and other parts of the house to keep your energy bills down.

The tips will also help ensure that they are working efficiently when you need them most and last for many years. Click here to read more.

Tips on Making Your AC Last Longer

Panasonic Air conditioner unit
Air conditioning systems are growing necessities for every home nowadays. However, their installation can be pretty expensive which is why regular and proper maintenance is necessary to make sure that they remain in a functional state for a long time.
  • When dealing with an AC malfunction, being able to determine the problem, or at least having a hunch on what is causing it, can give the technician a better perspective of your unit’s condition when you call for assistance, allowing him to come prepared with the necessary tools and spare parts.
  • Before the arrival of the hot season, conduct an AC prepping project where you clean both the indoor and outdoor units of your home’s system, and change all the parts that require regular replacements.
  • The harsh winter weather may cause some major damage to your AC, especially to the outdoor units; be sure apply all the necessary measures to address the issues.
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Indoor and Outdoor AC Maintenance Tips

Outdoor AC unit
An article from the Moms Confession website shares helpful tips on indoor and outdoor air conditioner maintenance. Here are some of them:
  • Keep a schedule for all your AC maintenance tasks so you can avoid skipping on them and facing more problematic consequences.
  • Have your unit examined by an AC technician at least twice a year to ensure that it is still in proper condition.
  • Ideally, your unit’s air filter should be changed once every month to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.
  • Save energy by shutting the AC vent off and keeping the door closed in a room that you very rarely use.
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Secrets to Ensure Lesser Chances of HVAC Failures

HVAC thermostat wiresRunning a business requires a lot of factors – visible and imperceptible. One important aspect is the role heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems play for your company. Essentially, it is responsible for warm and cold air circulation throughout the area. Constant usage, however, puts it at risk.

Below is a number of secrets you might want to know to lessen heating and cooling unit failures.

– Always replace filters regularly and always go for the ones with high quality.

– Clean condenser coils and evaporator as needed.

– Inspect the areas near air filters and clean them.

– Look for air leaks and apply the necessary solution wherever applicable.

– Do not forget to keep air ducts clean all the time.

– Find some time to have the moving parts inspected and cleaned.

– Always consult with the experts to answer your queries.