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Cities Across America Taking Measures to Reduce Extreme Weather Risks

The risks carried by extreme weather are many and very real. That’s why we have to be ready to face all of these challenges now. Some cities are doing their share of being prepared for extreme weather events.

There are five cities that are ahead of all the others in preparation.

According to Terrell Johnson for, “The Center for American Progress released a report this weekon the cities across America that are doing just that, highlighting the steps five major cities are taking after experiencing major natural disasters in the recent past, and which are especially at risk from climate change-related dangers such as sea level rise.”

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Is Climate Change Really to Blame for Extreme Weather in Australia?

Australia is experiencing extreme weather cases one after the other. The country has been battered by flooding and now bush fires have been made worse by the intense heat. Are all of these cases to be blamed on climate change?

Some people are wondering if climate change is the only reason for all of this.

Meteorologist Jeff Callaghan believes that both climate change and the already extreme weather of the Land Down Under are both to blame. According to an article from, “He is one of a number of experts worldwide who have identified a pattern of wild activity in the weather of the Pacific Ocean that can be plotted on Australia’s east coast every 30 or so years.”

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Rules to Layering for Men by Mason Maynard

It has always been a problem for some men to still look fashionable while trying to stay warm and cozy during the winter. For instance, there are hardly any winter clothes that are most appropriate for formal occasions, and it’s pretty difficult to flaunt a new top when you have to wear a jacket over it every time to go out.

Fortunately, Mason Maynard, a blogger for the CBS Atlanta website, came up with a couple of rules on fashions gift versus winter — layering.

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Keeping Warm When You Live in an Apartment

When you live in an apartment, some measures on maintaining the heating system may not be applicable to your home, which may leave you thinking that you only have a few options when it comes to keeping warm for the winter. However, there are actually tons of other things that you can do to stay warm and cozy during the cold season without having to deal with the heating system.

Rachel from the Small Notebook website offers the following tips:
  • seal cracks on windows edges using tape
  • block drafts by blocking door gaps with a towel
  • practice layering your clothes
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Now is the Best Time to Do an End-of-Season HVAC Checkup

The temperature’s almost already freezing point and below zero. The question is, ‘Have you already checked your air conditioner?’air conditioner installed on a wall

According to experts, it’s a great idea to remove the AC unit from its place to see the current situation of its spot. At the very least, responsible homeowners should make sure that the filter is cleaned and changed when needed.

Additionally, it’s highly recommended to inspect the AC unit’s coil which is simply a metal that looks like a spring. Do you see that plastic tube that hangs from the air conditioner to the ground? That’s called the drain. Look at it and make sure it’s not kinked, bent, or cracked as it moves dirty water from the unit to the ground.

You can visit this page to find out more proficient tips on handling your air conditioning systems.

Avoid Exaggerated Heating Expenses with Practical Maintenance Tasks

The fuel price hike has set every home's utility bills to go up this coming winterThe fuel price hike has set every home’s utility bills to go up this coming winter. Instead of simply soaking it in, homeowners are encouraged to come up with more practical ways to stay warm without suffering all the heating costs.

MSN Money Partner shares some tips on how you can save on your heating expenses without having to suffer the cold:
  • lower your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours a day
  • regularly clean/replace the furnace filter
  • check cracks and gaps in your house and fill them with caulk/spray foam
  • prevent cold drafts from entering by installing a door sweep under exterior doors
  • check the ducts and make sure they’re safe from rips and holes

Heating and Air Conditioning Powered by Solar Panels

In our attempt to seek for more greener, energy-efficient solutionsIn our attempt to seek for more greener, energy-efficient solutions, many of our scientists have infused the use of solar panels in powering up homes. This way, on top of cutting down on our use of electricity and gas, we are still able to enjoy the comforts we all love to have in our homes — minus all the extra energy charges and expenditures.

Now, researchers from the Madrid Universities Carlos III and Politécnica say that these methods don’t have to be limited to households as solar panels can also be used for office spaces.

Business owners will surely be pleased by the concept as it is suggested to be useful in giving workplaces heating during colder months and air conditioning during the summer. This is particularly helpful for big office spaces and those with a larger workforce.

For more on the use of solar panels, visit Science Daily.

Basic Gas Water Heater Repair Tips

If you believe there’s something wrong with your water heater, calling a professional is almost always the best option. Depending on the extent of the problem, troubleshooting the heating system can also become a valuable decision. Thus, it’s always a good idea to determine the problem prior to calling for expert advice.

– The lack of water is among the common reasons for heater failures, which can be due to a faulty gas pilot. In cases like this, you may need to replace the gas pilot to make the system function again. It can also be because of a malfunctioning gas thermocouple or the gas pilot control valve.

– If you feel warmth coming from the heater but it easily runs out, it could be due to system overuse. For this, upgrading your water heater to suit your family’s needs is essential.

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How to Stay Warm During Cold Weather

Forecasts for extreme weather conditions this winter season are expected in some areas this year. With this and the rise of fuel prices, electric bills for the upcoming season are also expected to increase drastically if no action is done.

The price hike on natural gas, electricity bills, and propane is going to affect ninety four percent of the entire households in the United States. In line with this, users of heating oil will experience the least price increase albeit the anticipation of it being record-high. Because of this, many homeowners are finding ways to somehow lower their electricity bills this winter.

If you’re up for the challenge, here goes:

– Lower your thermostat levels. You can keep yourself warm by adding more layers to your everyday attire and placing more blankets on your bed. Additionally, keep your heaters programmed to turn off at specific times to save money.

– Don’t forget to insulate pipes especially those located outside the house and deliver hot water all throughout. Because more energy is needed to heat water during winter, it’s best to use cold water when washing clothes and dishes.

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The Best Types of Water Heater Systems You Need to Know

The popularity of water heaters has certainly increased in today’s modern time and lifestyleThe popularity of water heaters has certainly increased in today’s modern time and lifestyle. Unlike before, they are now considered as one of, if not the best, heaters in town with seventy percent in every ten households having them installed. With this, it goes without saying that you also need to know and identify why it’s important for your household to have one.

· Atmospheric vented heaters are traditional ones that were designed long ago but still have many advantages against their modern day counterparts. It’s very flexible, simple, and very inexpensive. One of the main benefits of this is its ability to continue heating albeit a lapse in the gas supply.

· Power vented heaters are typically the modern ones. With its new design, it addresses the drawbacks of traditional heating systems – gas wastage. Thanks to the design, the safety and prevention of explosions occurring is greatly increased.

· Condensed water heaters are very efficient in terms of gas usage. Hence, homeowners are assured of long-term heating services.

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