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Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle this Summer

jogging on a sunny morningExercise is very important for our health and it will be quite  impractical to give it up just because of the warm weather. However, working out under the sun can cause a lot of inconvenience which is also unwise to ignore.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially this summer, it is important to keep ourselves informed. This article provides us with information on the most common heat-related diseases, their signs and symptoms, and how we can prevent them.


Extreme Weather Forecast for North Carolina

a landscape

Like most places in the country and in the world today, North Carolina is feeling the pinch when it comes to the changing weather conditions.

In fact, the state government has issued a report entitled “Climate Ready North Carolina: Building a Resilient Future,” which points out how extreme weather will impact the state.

The report states the need to be prepared for the extreme conditions. It also points out the challenges that will be faced by the different sectors once these changes take effect.

According to Susan Ladd of, “North Carolina faces unique challenges when it comes to weather prediction and weather events, according to Ryan Boyles, state climatologist. “

You can read the full article here.

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Summer Cooling Tips for Pets

Just like humans, our pets are also largely affected by the inconvenience brought about by the summer heat, making it necessary for us to also come up with cooling ways not only for ourselves but also for our furry friends.

Here are a few cooling tips for pet dogs:

1) Make sure they have plenty of shade and shelter from the sun.
2) Provide them with plenty of cool water
3) Don’t leave your dog inside a hot car.

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How to Stay Cool During a Heat Wave

a hot dayHeat can have an effect on anyone but children, people with existing medical conditions, seniors, athletes, and laborers are the ones who face the worst risks.

Here are a few tips to keeping cool on hot summer days:

– The first step to protecting yourself from extreme heat is air conditioning. If you don’t have one at home, you can take a trip to a shopping mall, movie theater, library or other public health sponsored heat-relief shelter.

– If you need to be outdoors during high temperatures, try to schedule it instead late in the afternoon to avoid the hottest points of the day.

– Take frequent breaks, increase fluid intake, and have cool showers or baths to keep your temperature down.

– It is also important to take note not to leave children or pets in a closed vehicle when the temperature is high.

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Staying Warm on Cold Training Days

a bike in the snowHow do you motivate yourself to step outside and start the training session on a cold winter day? Whether you take a warm bath, drink hot coffee, or layer up, you need to give extra time for warming up before each workout.

When you’re feeling cold, the body sheds blood away from the extremities to warm your core naturally. People with lower body fat like triathletes, are more prone to cold but warming up before heading outside could get the blood flow back to the extremities.

Here are some tips on keeping warm while doing outdoor activities:

– To stay warm at the pool, you can double up your swim caps using a full neoprene heat cap on the outside.

– To stay warm when bike training, weal full-length tights, gloves and compression socks. As temperature drops, make sure to cover your face and your neck.

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AC 101: Repair or Replace?

Did you know that as your air conditioning unit gets older it becomes less efficient and consumes greater energy? This causes your electric bills to increase but not your comfort level.

Though the most simple solution to an old AC unit is getting a new one, there are lot of factors that you still need to consider and some options might actually be more practical. Before deciding on getting a new unit, consider your old one’s age (in case it is still under the warranty) and don’t forget to consult a professional.

Source: How should I know when to repair or replace my old Air Conditioner (AC) system?

Extreme Weather Pattern Causes Heat Wave

Strong Extratropical Cyclone Over the US Midwest

Some places in the U.S. and the U.K. are going through a string of heat waves this season. The same places also experienced record breaking cold weather last winter. Experts are saying that extreme weather like that will become the normal thing now.

According to David Ferguson of The Raw Story, “Blocking highs have been blamed not only for this year’s intense heat, but also for Russia’s devastating wildfires in 2010, as well as the catastrophic floods in Pakistan that same year.”

Extreme weather conditions is being caused by a new kind of weather pattern called “blocking high”. This system of very high pressure is hard to displace, which causes the intense heat or cold on the ground.

You can click here to read the full article.

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Is your AC Unit Ready for Summer and the Hot Days Ahead?

Is your AC Unit Ready for Summer and the Hot Days AheadNo one can argue that summer is the hottest season of the year making it imperative to check your AC units and get it ready for summertime. There are many benefits in getting a thorough checkup and conditioning for your cooling systems. All you need to do is have a qualified air conditioning technician to inspect the unit.

In the succeeding section, you’ll find pointers on maintaining the unit for the summer.

· Dirt buildup will sooner or later decrease air flow of the system. Spray it outdoors on a monthly basis for efficient performance.

· Keep the surrounding area clean and free from dirt as much as possible.

· Check the air filter monthly. Maintain and improve optimum airflow in the system by replacing the filters when dirty.

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Planning for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather events are now part of our reality. We no longer have to fear its coming because it is here and we can very much feel its present, and we have to deal with it in the best way that we can.

In 2012, harsh weather conditions caused damages that amounted to more $130 billion. That amount is bound to increase even more in the years ahead. That’s why companies should incorporate planning for these occurrences.

According to Tom King and Jeff Sterba of USA Today, “While no single event can be directly attributed to climate change, the overwhelming evidence from the international scientific community is that we should expect more of these damaging extreme weather events.”

You can read the full article here.

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Cooling It Down in Southampton

Like most places in the country, Southampton is under the attack of the summer heat and the people there are the main casualties. With temperatures reaching up to 100s, everyone is sweating it out.

The main thing that people have on their minds right now is how they can stay cool, which is not an easy thing to do.

According to Erica Jackson for, “Staying cool is not just about comfort, for some people it’s about safety.”

To read the complete list of tips click here.

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