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Cut Back on Your Water Bill through Your AC

Cut Back on Your Water BillSummer entails various unavoidable expenses such as a sudden increase on your electric bills which is primarily due to your AC unit’s energy consumption. That’s why many home owners dig up on different ways to save and cut back on other expenses.

The Toyota dealership in McKinney has devised an effective way of cutting back on their water bills by harvesting water from their AC. The good news is, you can also employ this to your homes!
Sales Manager Robert Castle says, “In the 7 years we’ve been in business, we’ve probably saved around $600,000 in what would have been water bill charges.”

Summer Solutions: Caring for Your Old AC Unit or Upgrading to a New One

Old AC UniPerhaps the most anticipated part of summer is also the least – though everyone roots for a warmer weather during winter, nobody really appreciates the toasting hot temperature in the later season. Due to this, more and more home owners turn to their ever reliable AC units to moderate the temperature in their houses.

From cleaning and maintaining an old unit to upgrading to a better one, this article provides you with important tips on how you can carry on the said tasks successfully. Remember that whatever type of AC you have or if you are thinking about buying, there’s an appropriate way of caring for it to prolong its functionality and to optimize its use.… Continue Reading

Demand in AC Repair Services Continues to Rise

Demand in AC Repair Services Continues to RiseIntense heat can cause your AC unit to work harder. This, consequently, makes them more prone to damage and breakdowns.

An AC repair company shares how the extreme heat has caused an increase to their customer calls. As a home owner, however, you must be knowledgeable on basic air conditioner maintenance and repair tasks. Being so allows you to be at a certain degree independent from costly repair services.
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Experts Give Warning Against Growing and Intensifying Extreme Weathers

Experts Give Warning Against Growing and Intensifying Extreme WeathersHas the recent weather been extreme and harsh lately? You better start getting used to it as scientists have issued a forewarning on the 8th annual energy conference that was held at the New York Institute of Technology. The event happened last June 13, 2013 in Old Westbury where discussions about coping up with extreme weather and climate change patterns were opened.

The gathering of experts was organized because of the recent round of severe storms that struck the Tri-State area. “We’re seeing an increase in the extreme events and increase in damage associated with them as we’ve become more vulnerable,” said Louis Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service.

Part of the topics discussed during the conference was an estimated report that by 2050, 101% increase in the number of coastal flooding victims will be observed. Sea levels will also rise 2 more feet on that same year, reportedly.

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Washington D.C. – Local Officials Pledge to Strengthen Defense Against Climate Change

Washington D.C.Nowadays, there’s definitely no room for social and cultural conflicts because the entire human race has to battle against a common enemy – climate change.

In Washington D.C. last June 17, 48 local elected officials pledged to strengthening region’s defense against calamities brought about by climate change. The event was held at the National Press Club where the said politicians called for “more action at a federal level”.
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2012 Second to 2005 as the Most Costly Year

Turns out extreme weather conditions cause more than just discomfort and inconvenience. 2012 lands second to 2005 as the most costly year in the US since 1980. This is attributed to the numerous climate and weather related occurrences last year.

United States encountered so many calamities last year, like Hurricane Sandy, intense thunderstorms, and droughts such that the total loss rose up to more than $110 billion. This information was provided by National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA).
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Homeowners Should Be Able to Handle Simple AC Maintenance Tasks

Here’s an AC maintenance tip from Alpharetta air conditioning experts at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning:

“Homeowners should clean air conditioner periodically, as well. Using a garden hose, a homeowner can spray down the coils, and then use an air conditioning cleaner on them. Homeowners should be sure to follow all directions on the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse the coils after cleaning them. The unit should be allowed to dry thoroughly before being used.”
It is a common misconception among many home owners that AC maintenance means calling for a technician to do the job. However, even maintenance companies advise that owners handle the simple tasks, such as regular cleaning and changing filters, instead of calling for experts. This can definitely help them avoid unnecessary expenses on services that they can actually do on their own.… Continue Reading

AC Unit Breakdown Incidences Increase in Central Florida

AC Unit Breakdown Incidences Increase in Central FloridaNo one really imagines the need for regular AC check-up when everything’s just cold and chilly, but come summer you’d wish you at least changed the filters back when it wasn’t too late.

More and more households across Central Florida are now complaining about unit breakdowns. Nick Godwin, a Ferran A/C technician, advises home owners to regularly change their air conditioners’ filters. However, problems, like a broken capacitor, will require more attention.
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How to Keep Yourself Cool for the Hot Season

How to Keep Yourself Cool for the Hot SeasonUnited States is now expecting the scorching summer season with some unfavorable heat conditions being experienced all throughout the country. It’s fortunate if you own an air-conditioning unit which you can crank up all summer long. But that will mean more expensive bills to pay, right?

Fight the heat without spending too much with these tips:

–          Eat foods and fruits with high water content like pineapples, honeydews, watermelons, and tropical fruits. Don’t drink too much alcohol for this can make you dehydrated.

–          Visit your local swimming pool. Or if you have a kiddy pool, splash in and make wonderful memories with your kids.

–          Wear loose clothes with light colors to make you feel cooler.

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Are You Sure You Have the Best AC Repair Expert?

Are You Sure You Have the Best AC Repair ExpertPerhaps wherever you are in the world, owning an ac unit makes living more comfortable. Air is an essential part of life and we need fresh air to breathe every time. To make sure the air conditioning system is functioning, it needs maintenance by experts.

Don’t ignore any issue that may come up with the unit until something worse happens. Consider that the damage may have worsened since you let it go by; hence, more expenses to pay for. Make sure that the unit is eliminated of any unusual behaviors upon discovery to conserve more money from electric bills.

A reliable AC repair expert is always ready to show his updated license. See what else makes a professional credible here.… Continue Reading