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Low AC Performance Due to Freon Leak

airconleakingproblemIt’s very frustrating to turn on a central air conditioning system on a hot day only to find little to no cold air passing through the system. Problems with AC’s low performance can sometimes be attributed to Freon leaks. Leaking problems will increase electrical costs and will need to be examined and treated by professionals.

Freon problems can cause nausea, weakness, headaches and dizziness. Over an extended period of time, it may even cause damage to the lungs and other parts of the body.

If a Freon leak is discovered, contact an air conditioning repair technician for ac repairs immediately. Regular maintenance checks on air conditioning and heating systems can help prevent the chance of having a Freon leak.

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Avoid Expensive AC Repairs with Preventive Maintenance

ac repair

With the significant increase in refrigerant and equipment costs, it is time to perform preventive maintenance on your AC unit.

Below are tips on how to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently.

  1. Contact a trusted professional technician or contractor that you have already worked with in the past.
  2. Inquire about the Freon costs. Most of the area contractors charge $30 to $40 per pound.
  3. Make sure to check for the contract’s license. If a contractor doesn’t have a license, their insurance will not cover them in case of problems.
  4. Change your filter regularly. Good airflow is necessary for your air conditioning unit to work well.
  5. Use a Shop Vac to suck out the drain line. This can save you expensive service calls.

For more information about air conditioning maintenance, visit Oxford Press.

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Determine Which Type of Air Conditioner You Need

AIRYou can find a wide selection of air conditioners on eBay. Determine which type of unit works for you based on the size of your home, the rooms you want to cool, and the climate where you live.

Here are some pointers that you may consider when selecting which type of air conditioner you need.

  • Highly mobile portable air conditioners, also called ductless AC units, plug into the wall to help you beat the heat. However, it can only cool one room at a time.
  • Fixed-unit air conditioners remain in one room, either window units and wall units.
  • Split air conditioning systems come in two pieces, it works with one piece indoor and one outdoor. It is high in initial cost, but offers increased efficiency and less noise.
  • Ducted air conditioning systems, also known as central AC units, are comprised of a series of ducts that let you maintain different temperatures for different areas of your home.

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How to on Check Why Your AC Isn’t Working

There are many reasons why air conditioning units don’t work just when you need them. They usually fail because of incorrect installation, poor maintenance and insufficient servicing.air conditioning unit

Federal Department of Energy came up with a few common problems with air conditioning units along with how you can troubleshoot them.

  1. Refrigerant leaks– Air conditioning units work efficiently when the refrigerant charges matches the specifications of the manufacturer. In order to fix those leaks, you will need to hire a trained technician.
  2. Inadequate maintenance– Dirty air conditioning coils and filters can cause unit malfunction. Make sure that you clean the filters and coils regularly.
  3. Electrical control failure– Fan controls and compressors of your air conditioning unit can wear out. Have a trained technician check the electrical connections during a service call.
  4. Sensor problems– Check your sensor if it is knocked out of position. If it is far from the coil, carefully bend the wire that holds it in place.

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Extreme Weather Set to Get Worse

Extreme Weather Set to Get WorseThe world is starting to feel the effects of climate change. Weather patterns are being disrupted all over the world. Australia is no different from the rest of the globe.

The country has been subjected to a string of calamities that can be attributed to climate change. There have been floods, bush fires and heat waves. Studies suggest that instead of dying down a bit, these disruptions in the weather are just bound to get even worse.

Here is a portion of an article by DAMIAN CARRINGTON for

“Climate change is making many extreme events worse in terms of their impacts on people, property, communities and the environment,” said climate commissioner professor Will Steffen. “We are very concerned that the risk of more frequent and more severe extreme weather events is increasing as we continue to emit more and more greenhouse gases.”

Chief commissioner, Tim Flannery, said: “Records are broken from time to time, but record-breaking weather is becoming more common as the climate shifts. Only strong preventative action, with deep and swift cuts in emissions this decade, can stabilise the climate and halt the trend towards more intense extreme weather.”

The report states that the number of record hot days in Australia has doubled since the 1960s, with the summer of 2012/2013 including the hottest summer, hottest month and hottest day on record. In a previous heatwave in south-eastern Australia in 2009, Melbourne experienced three consecutive days at or above 43°C in late January, the report notes, leading to 980 heat-related deaths, three times the average mortality. Hot records are now being broken three times more often than cold records, the report found.

You can read the full article here.

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The Changing Climate and Stronger Storms

Stronger StormsMonths after the monster storm that engulfed a great part of the United States have passed, a lot of residents are still recovering from the damage. Some residents in New York in particular are still dealing with the damage caused by the climate monster.

The damage caused by the storm is a reminder of how climate change can have a serious impact on our lives. We need to pay attention to it because failure to do so can be costly.

According to an article by Marlene Cimons for LiveScience, most of the damage and fatalities from hurricanes come from high-intensity storms, those labeled category 3, 4 or 5. Historically, those storms have represented a small fraction of the hurricane total. That balance, however, apparently is shifting in ominous ways. We may have fewer storms, but more of them could be catastrophic. Sandy, clearly, was one of those extreme storms.

Perhaps mindful of this, and of the grim lessons learned from Sandy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced on April 4 that it would keep hurricane and tropical-storm watches and warnings in effect — even after such a storm loses its tropical characteristics — if it poses a significant danger to life and property. In addition, NOAA said that the National Hurricane Center (NHC) would continue to issue advisories during the post-tropical phase of such storms to ensure effective communication of ongoing threats. Forecasters had predicted Sandy would become a post-tropical cyclone prior to reaching the coast, possibly prompting residents to underestimate its destructive nature.

You can read the full article here.

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Basic Air Conditioning Techniques to Curb your Electric Bill

Basic Air Conditioning TechniquesIf your energy bill has skyrocketed beyond your control, you would probably find your air conditioning system as the culprit. You can blame it all on the warm weather but the truth is, you can actually do something to curtail your electric bill. Knowing the basic air conditioning usage tips will help you save not only money but also cut down on energy consumption.

Here are some valuable air conditioning tips that will surely help you reduce your energy bill:

1. So as not to force the air conditioner to keep the room or place cool, vents in your home should be always open. This will prevent your air conditioning unit from running after it has already reached the target temperature.

2. Intake filters should be changed regularly. This can be done without requiring the presence of a technician.

3. If you have a ceiling follower at home, you must spin it in a counter-clockwise direction so as to push the hot air outwards.

4. Rotate the fan in a clockwise direction if the weather turns cool. This will help trap the cool air inside.

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Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance for Your Summer Comfort

Proper Air Conditioning MaintenanceAs the weather starts to turn warm, you probably have a dozen of questions on how to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently. What if your unit breaks down in the middle of summer? To avoid these issues from occurring, it is crucial that you perform not only proper maintenance but also preventive care for your air conditioning unit.

Residential cooling units, just like cars, are expected to last for 15 years or so. After which, they eventually break down, which is why choosing the best air conditioning system should be every home’s utmost priority.

Just last year, there were around 9,000 reported complaints against repair services and cooling contractors. Failure to conduct proper research prior to having their AC unit repaired is one of the common mistakes consumers make.

BBB recommends that before allowing further inspection, you must first conduct a background check about the company you wish to contract. Next, it is essential that you compare not only the price range but also the service packages. And lastly, you must check the rated efficiency of the equipment as well as its warranty coverage.

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